Date: 4/5/2006


DUAL NATIONALITY IS SOMETHING A PERSON CAN EXPECT AUTOMATICALLY FROM THE COUNTRY OF HIS BIRTH. BUT THIS IS NOT SO IN CORRUPTON RIDDEN INDIA UNDER HINDU BASHING/SIKH KILLING GOVERNMENT OF SONIA KHAN AND ABDUL KALAM. ////// Leaders are promising People Of Indian Origin Card (PIO) for 5-6 years. This has not taken off because of lack of interest by influential people and corrupt bureaucracy that donít want easy procedures. ////// I found that NRI are asked to submit all the documents they submitted with passport application and fee per application is about $400 and it is a complicated and long procedure inviting corruption and delays.///// =================////// WE SHOULD ALL SAY TO SONIA GANDHI ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF INDIAN ORIGIN CARDS, "PUSH THEM UP YOURS, YOU WORTHLESS ITALIAN WHITE ELEPHANT!" ////// THE BEST THING FOR ONE BILLION INDIAN COOLIES IS TO TELL THEIR CHIEF MINISTERS, "YOU MORONS AND MIDGETS, YOU SCUM OF MANKIND, FLY YOUR OWN FLAGS LIKE AUSTRIA, PORTUGAL AND ITALY AND GRANT DUAL NATIONALITY TO EVERY CITIZEN WHO GOES OUT TO LIVE ABROAD."////// 000000000