Date: 4/7/2006


NEWS CENSORED - AMRINDER VISITS KARTARPUR BORDER /////// We have many proofs to say that the Govt of India still keeps Punjab under the 'Disturbed State' tag. Many news items related to Punjab and Sikhs are censored besides foreigners are not being allowed entry in Punjab ordinarily. /////// Yesterday Chief Minister Amrinder Singh visited the border town of Dera Baba Nanak and paid his obeisance at Main Gurdwara sahib (Durbar Sahib -Khuh Ajitta Randhawa) and Chola Sahib the Gown of Baba Nanak. He also went to Border to have a glimpse of Kartarpur Sahib the First Sikh Shrine situated in Pakistan. Later he attended a mammoth gathering of Sikhs numbered about 15000. ////// Baba Nanak has his own things to get things done. It appears that there are secret instructions that the CM should avoid mention of Kartarpur Sahib. Fortunately the aged controversial politician the erstwhile President of Congress S. Santokh Singh Randhawa was also on the stage. Call it the impact of age or the spiritualism powers that Randhawa got emotional and repeatedly demanded the opening of Kartarpur sahib. There were so many repetitions that CM had to give statement on Kartarpur Sahib Corridor. He said not only Kartarpur Sahib Corridor he wants corridor to Nankana Sahib as well and all prominent shrines. Kartarpur servants who were present at the scene have reported that the CM assured that the Corridor plan agreed by Pakistan will be approved.////// But all this was not worthy of news for the newspapers and TV channels. Please go through the websites of the newspapers you wont find any such news. This is not a first blockage of news it is happening since the year 2000 when the movement for corridor started. Blockage of news items is one thing. It appears the Govt is not allowing to upload the news items pertaining to Punjab. Only a selected newspapers are being allowed to have web pages pertaining to Punjab: Namely the Tribune and Ajit Jalandhar. We believe these papers are being allowed because 'they have arrangement at these papers to handle such news.' Other Indian papers like the Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express have their editions being printed in Punjab for Punjab but they have not been allowed to have web pages pertaining to Punjab. They otherwise have pages pertaining to their other editions in other states. Even the Hindi papers have not been allowed.////// However Amrinders Dera Baba Nanak visit is covered by Jagbani by their local edition meant for Gurdaspur district only.///// When on March 30 we the Kartarpur servants were detained for three hours at Kathunangal Police station; this news too was censored.////// =======================///// SHAME ON THE PROVOCATIVE, DESPICABLE &OFFENSIVE "DEMOCRACY" OF INDIAN "BABOONS" AND "HINDUS" THAT IS TREATING EAST PUNJAB SO DIFFERENTLHY FROM EAST BENGAL. ////// 000000000