Date: 4/8/2006


Around 1,900 Islamic seminaries have come up on both sides of >the Indo-Nepal border in recent times and security agencies are keeping a >close watch on them.////// > Talking to reporters, Mr Tilak Kak, the director-general of the >Sashastra Seema Bal, said: "There has been an exponential increase of >madrasas on both sides of Indo-Nepal border in the recent past, of which >around 1,100 are in India while the rest are in Nepal."///// >==================//// Indian security forces are drawing fat salaries for just "keeping watch" on wolves.///// None realises the fact that when the wolves reach 51 % magic figure the non Muslims will block roads by causing STAMPEDE while fleeing Muslim dagger and gun. //// Why are people of PARTITIONED INDIA so ignorant of those STAMPEDES that blocked the roads from Rawalpindi to Pathankot, Lahore and Lyallpur to Amritsar and from Sindh to Rajasthan and Maharashtra?///// It is time to ignore the bandits and rascals who are keeping HINDUS under check and chains while letting MOHAMMED free run from West Punjab to East Bengal, from Kashmir to Kerala. ///// How do we see the climax that is not far? Fires are now consuming NEPAL, the only nominally Hindu country on earth? ////// How Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan are watching the slaughter of Hindus and breakdown of law and order in Nepal, one can imagine. They will not lift a finger to keep the wolves in check or close the madrassas but go howling wild if Hindus retaliate in Gujarat for taking the devils to task. ///// 000000000