Date: 4/8/2006


In a message dated 08/04/2006 21:26:36 GMT Daylight Time, writes: ////// "Kushti divves phral & phens'a" (good day brothers & sisters ) Hello to all, my name is Shay (short for Leshya'e) and I am Romani (Romany) I'm new to your group, I learned of this group last night when I had a very enjoyable and interesting chat with one of your members, I have long since been aware of similarities between Romani words and words from various Indian dialects, during our chat I was amazed at the similarities in the Punjabi language and our Romani language...I wonder how much more is similar in our cultures. Sadly the Romani people are persecuted worldwide, we are so often called a "dirty people" which is very offensive as we have very strick rules regarding cleanliness...I caould never cover this in a small posting...but for instance..I live in UK where pet dogs and cats live in the house with the owners and often are allowed to lick the remains of the owners dinner off the plates that people eat from, in the belief that if the plate is then washed it is clean ..we Romani would throw out a plate if an animal put its face near to it , let alone licked it...this is just one example...there are so many relating to washing the person, washing food, child birth, & death...but I wonder how many we might share as we share words in our language..its over a millenium since the Romani left India, but most still regard India as the motherland, so our language has changed and evolved as we wandered the earth, but it seems to me that at its very heart the old tongue still resides. ////// I'd love to learn more about your cultures and language, and you never know..we just may even more in common than first appears aslen devlesa ( go with God ) ///// Shay ////// ===================////// Dear Shay,///// First of all, I am DELIGHTED to read your invaluable posting on this esteemed site. It's a rare posting from a Romani. ////// WELL DONE for writing to your brothers and sisters of INDIAN origin.////// You are quite right about the treatment meted out to the ROMANIS. It is a SHAME and DISGRACE for all Indians, too. ////// We have a tradition of living in our INDIVIDUAL cocoons and not bothering to link up with the others. The non-stop "flood" of Indians knocking on foreign doors for entry and asylum and their treatment abroad is not different in MANY CASES than what you have described. ////// Indians are arriving clinging to undercarriage of planes, confined in containers and even hiding in holds of ships and boats. The other INDIANS consider them to be a breed apart. ////// So your betrayal by India is shocking but not surprising. The nation of "coolies" AS A WHOLE has NO self esteem and self respect. ////// But please note that what you know and we know, the Government of India does not wish to hear. The despicable "rats" called "Government of India", have a totally different colour and composition from the PEOPLE of India. ////// Please note, too, that the PEOPLE OF INDIA are still slaves, trapped under the boots of foreigners. You could hardly call SONIA GANDHI a native INDIAN female, ////// Nor could you regard President of this BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned Indian Secular State) Mr. Abdul Kalam as INDIAN in the light of that bloody PARTITION when the question of Muslim loyalty to SECULAR India was decided for ever, or at least till PAKISTAN stays on the map of the world.////// Several decades (yes, DECADES) ago when I realised that the Romanies had fled the western States of India (now under ISLAMIC BOOT, and called Pakistan) when a savage ruler of Ghazni (the city is now under American TANKS AND GUNS to make them behave!) used to invade hapless and defenceless land of Hindus where the preachers did not tire of preaching "ALL MANKIND IS YOUR FAMILY." /////// He invaded Hindustan SIXTEEN times in as many years and every time the land of Hindus used to DISSOLVE under his feet, as India dissolved before the mighty Islamic ONSLAUGHT in 1947 and could "win reprieve" only after surrendering ONE THIRD of her territory. /////// We knew that our INDIA had to take on board the fate of all the Romanis and gypsies who trace their origin and roots to Land of Sri Rama, the original Divine Lord of Romuva or Romani. /////// At present there is NO ministry in New Delhi to look after your well-being and interest. We see the Romanis being badly treated even in Romania and Czech Republic while the INDIAN "niggers & baboons" in high posts in New Delhi are silent or DEAD. /////// Rest assured, that WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA will look closer at you with courage, and LINK UP strongly with you one day. //////// We shall form a nationalist government and declare you as "the long lost" children of India, and grant you dual nationality with the right to return and settle down with honour and DIGNITY there, which even the mainstream Indians (HINDUS) do not enjoy today.//////// Today the Hindu nation is so broken, intimidated and divided that even while the Hindus of West Punjab and South Kashmir are being EXTERMINATED in broad daylight, the Hindus of UP, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are seen touching the feet of one Gandhi or another like "baboo(n)s"./////// Please keep writing. Stay in touch through this List. Keep your spirits and morale high. /////// A. Romuva.////// hailing from ONE FRAGMENT of "Land of Vedas & Gods and Gurus" called "PUNJAB", that is still secular, honourable and PAGAN, and mighty proud of NATIVE genius as opposed to Arab and Italian invaders - past and present////// 8 April 06.///// ==============================////// 000000000