Date: 4/11/2006


According to Pakistan's DAWN "Latest News", the death toll is at least 56. //////// Visit for latest images, etc: ////// /////// Angry crowds later went on the rampage in the city, accusing the police of failing to provide adequate security. /////// (BBC: /////// "Whoever did this was not a Muslim," said another Tehrik leader, Tanveer Shafi.////// ////// Someone please send this bit of news to the gang of Shabana Azmi's husband Javed, Teesta Setalwad and "Swami Agnivesh" who had rushed to Varanasi following the carnage at Sankat Mochan to preach restraint and tolerance to the peaceful Hindus. ////// The same gang should now be shipped to Karachi to pacify the fury of the rampaging crowds. /////// There is probably more to come…just wait till the Sunni fury turns to revenge! /////// ===============////// The beasts in human form will disembowel and tear each other apart since there is NO Hindu, Jew or Serb to catch, abduct, rape, loot or kill. ////// The thirst for blood cannot be quenched now by "YET ANOTHER INVASION OF HINDUSTAN" or "YET ANOTHER PARTITION OF INDIA", as has been the case since 8th century AD. ////// Now the Shias will turn on the Sunnis and vice versa. So GOOD now that the world can look forward to PEACE at last with all the MOHAMMEDS buried under earth. ////// 000000000