Date: 4/21/2006


SONIA SWORE ENMITY TO NEPAL WHEN SHE WAS REFUSED ENTRY TO A HINDU TEMPLE. SHE WANTED TO SEE THE INSIDE IN ORDER TO PLAN A PLUNDERING RAID IN THE MANNER OF GOLDEN TEMPLE LATER IN 1984. /////SHE HAD THE VAST INDIAN COOLIE COLONY TO SUPPORT HER IN THIS. THE RESULT IS BEFORE OUR EYES. SONIA ALWAYS FELT "ROASTED ALIVE" ON NOTICING THAT NEPAL IS THE ONLY HINDU KINGDOM ON EARTH. ///// SHE HAS SUCCEEDED IN DESTROYING ITS PEACE WITH VOLUNTEERS AND AGENGTS FROM PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH./////// THAT SHE MUST BE PUT BEFORE TRIAL WHERE THE PROSECUTION SHOULD DEMAND HER DEATH OR EXILE IN DISGRACE TO ITALY, IS SEEN FROM WHAT FOLLOWS: Sir, Sonia Gandhi is thief of Aamer Fort treasury plundered by Sanjay & Indira during emergency. The Aamer Fort Treasury belongs to the people of Bharat. This is because it was robbed by the army chief of Mogul king Akbar named Man Singh from the kings of Bharat after defeating them. It was concealed in Fort Vaults before the robbery of Sanjay & Indira. Even Britons could not touch the Treasury. Aryavrt Government seeks support of media & people of Bharat to repatriate the booty. Without arrest of Sonia it would not be possible. People are suggested to support Aryavrt Government if they wish to survive with dignity. Media must bring the truth before people in her own interest. The Aamer Fort booty has taken three lives of Sanjay, Indira & Rajiv Gandhis. Even Sonia won't survive. Once Sonia and her family members are removed the treasury would become property of the bank, where it is deposited. It would be a great loss for the nation. Cabinet Secretary B.K. Chaturvedi of Union of India must do his duty. He must order CBI to arrest cow & man-eater Sonia. If he cannot do it, he must resign.///// Yours faithfully, Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi S/O late Shri Beni Madhav Tripathi, Press Secretary, Aryavrt Government,/////// Web: ////// -----Original Message----- /////// Subject: [proudHindu] Case against Sonia in Allahabad High court. ///// Dear Friends,///// Ref. Sonia Gandhi.///// ------------------------------////// There is a case filed in The Allahabad High Court against her lies about her name, place of birth and educational qualification. She lied to Indian Parliament about all these which is a criminal offence.////// The hearing is on 15 May 2006 at Allahabad.////// The case has been filed by Dr. Subramanium Swami, National President of Janata Party.///// If you have any details with you regarding these or anything you know about Sonia Gandhi then kindly send to Dr. Swamy on Email, ///////, ////// DR. S. SWAMY, ANATIONAL PRESIDENT, JANATA PARTY, 1 Papnasanam sivan salai,Mylapore,Chennai 500004, Tamilnadu, India. Fax + 91 44 2498 2886 /////// Kindly log on to know more about this. ////// 000000000