Date: 4/21/2006


CALL OF DISTRESS FROM SOUTH INDIA //// Conversions in Kerala////// Attention – All Hindu brothers from Ananthapuri////// Dear members I'm from Kottayam, as a part of my course I happened to stay in Thiruvanathapuram to do my internship, there I heard about a Brahmin (Ayyar) young man who has been living as a Pentecost for the past few years,his name was Krishna Kumar but now he is Solomon or something like that, he is now engaged in converting Hindu families into Pentecost ( He may get gold coins for each and every conversion) , I also heard about a Nair boy who was converted by him, but his family remained as Hindus, he divorced his wife only because of her refusal to become a Pentecost. This converted Ayyar left his mother alone as she refused to become a Pentecost. I wonder why Hindu young mans from TVM could cutoff that bastard's neck, Kottayam is known as the land of Christians(???) but here nobody will dare to speak gospel in a noble Hindu home and our Hindu brothers are much strong here against conversion ( and we have got some converts to Hinduism too), Now that noble Pentecost man is married to a typical Pentecostal lady, one day I happened to see them both in TVM. He converted lots of his friends and neighbors, and his area is near Kazhakkuttam, if things are going like so TVM will become a Pentecostal centre, I hope some courage Hindu brothers from Ananthapuri (any one near Kazhakkoottam?) will dare to do something against this noble man. ////// Attention – Hindu brothers from Kottarakkara///// Dear Hindu Brothers Kottarakkara Hindus are in a great threat from the Pentecostal people, they does visit all Hindu homes ,especially when there are only ladies inside the home, they will tell them that all misfortunes in their family are because they worship Hindu gods, they will also offer money for conversion, and tell them that that money is given to them by Jesus. This cunning operation had converted about 50 families in Kottarakkara, so dear Hindu brothers we belong to one family, so we must do something against all such activities, dear RSS brothers pls do something against them, what can I do to save our Hindu family members? Hope we can stop this evil by a joint effort./////// Pranams…. 000000000