Date: 4/23/2006


The most provocative, obscene and detested flag of Mohammed of Arabia is flying over HINDU and SIKH cities in India. Native manhood is frozen and the enemy has no fear of the “majority community” or respect for their Secularism that is being rammed down the throats of the Hindus and Sikhs. But Secularism to be decent in Delhi has to be imposed on these two cities. ///////// These cities under filthy alien flag are in located in that wretched part of the sub continent that was unconditionally surrendered to Mohammedan bullies, killers, rapists and gangsters by our own bogus freedom fighers under the flag of All India Congress Party led by the “Traitor of Millennium” Jawaharlal Nehru. He did so without an argument, challenge, condition, referendum or FIGHT. The treacherous Indian “coolie”, who had become a barrister at law from London was bought, bribed and INTIMIDATED by British whip and Mohammedan dagger. Nehru did like a slave as he was told by British master and Muslim friend. The nation’s wisdom and all the historic experience of the Musalman, Beiman, Shaitan, HAIWAN, was thrown to dogs and India was ready for her worst ever deveat and humiliating surrender. Bandit Nehru, the Traitor, then asked his Buddhist stooge Ambedkar not to mention the SURRENDER of LAHORE and Sri NANKANA SAHIB in his Constitution and the holocaust in which TWO MILLION Hindus and Sikhs perished. The Indian coolie media hailed Ambedkar as the greatest “constitutional father” of Bharat. The LOK SABHA (Indian Parliament) of “baboons & donkeys” and all the slavish Indian media moguls, “towing the sarkari line”, still think so. ///////// Guru Arjun Dev, the gentle and peaceful holy man, was tortured to death in Lahore like a Kafir according to the Book of Separatism, Tyranny and Violence, the KORAN. //////// The other place is the holy city of Sri Nankana Sahib where the first Sikh Guru was born. All his life Guru Nanak preached tolerance and peace among mankind and did not utter a single word against the alien war mongering blood thirsty Mohammedan invaders or their Islam. Yet the Muslims, our fellow citizens then, as they are now, grabbed these two cities and shamelessly flew their own flag in total disregard of Hindu and Sikh feelings, sentiments and sensibilities. The rascals were born in India yet in a typical treacherous way of Islam, they attacked the integrity of their own land of birth and became the “fathers of Pakistan”. //////// Let us NEVER forget that they were once indigenous Muslims just like Imam Bukhari and Abdul Kalam today but had a hidden agenda of covering the sacred soil of Hindustan under the ideological MUD of MOHAMMED. //////// Now spare a thought for the lack of wisdom of the natives. There is not one instance in the last thousand years when the Muslims did a good thing to the Hindus or benefited them in any way. All the time they have been destroying temples, converting, seducing and reproducing at the cost of Hindus and Sikhs. Yet the Hindus have not tired of trusting and even loving the enemy. Hindus and Sikhs have refused to draw any conclusion from their own history. What can anyone do with a people who trust their enemies and go on losing territory and numbers? ///////// When the fundamentalist fanatic Mohammedan King of Saudi Arabia, who is ten times more ruthless and brutal when it comes to conceding democracy and women’s rights that the King of Nepal visited India recently, the Indian coolie press wrote ot “turning of a new leaf in Hindu Muslim history” of friendship! /////// Not one Hindu editor, minister or MP demanded the removal of that obscene and provocative filthy flag of Mohammed from Lahore and Nankana Sahib. //////// The natives of India have to apply to the Pakistani “RATS” for visa to visit these two ancient Indian cities. The irony is that these two cities were in Sikh Kingdom until 1849 AD when the mercenary troops serving British East India Company, a British trading company, defeated the Khalsa armies that were led by traitors and “sons of bitches” like Jawaharlal Nehru, who, in 1947, simply surrendered one third of India to beastly separatist Mohammed without laying down a single condition. /////// Will Indian MANHOOD ever recover guts and wits and then DESTROY the evil rule of Mohammed over LAHORE and NANKANA SAHIB and the rest of all that surrendered Indian territory, including East Bengal and North Kashmir?/////// 000000000