Date: 4/24/2006


MOTHER, SUPERB.////// Excellent./////// Now let us EXTEND this "mother" to Mother Earth, Motherland, Mother India, and so on.////// When the traitors, callous murderers, bullies and SEPARATIST rascals who had been nurtured on the breast of Mother India suddenly attacked her with every weapon to hand, accompanied by wild howls of "ALLAH HU AKBAR," and she lay MUTILATED and bleeding minus FIVE provinces, we, her children, did not even notice the death of Mother. There was a "Hindu charmer" called Jawaharlal Nehru and we were mesmerised by his tunes. /////// We were ruled, fooled and ridden like donkeys by a Bandit called Nehru and demoralised by a Mahatma called Gandhi. On their bidding we called Mother's death "Independence". /////// Do we see a black ribbon anywhere in PARTITIONED India on August 15 every year? NO, WE DON'T. But why not? ////// We betrayed our noble Mother that brought forth patriots like Bhagat Singh, warriors like Shjivaji and Ranjit Singh and seers like Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak. /////// But what happened to us after receiving that LETHAL blow by Sword of Mohammed on August 15, 1947?/////// ==================================/////// AN ADDITION TO LONG LIST OF "SHOK" SAMACHARS./////// THE ARYA SAMAJ IN GUYANA MOURNS THE TRAGIC LOSS OF ARYA VIR HONOURABLE MINISTER SATYADEOW SAWH/////// Hinduism is under attack from the first day the Kafir Killer Mohamedan "beasts" appeared on our soil in Sindh in 712 AD. /////// The core ideology of Islam is now conclusively proven to be beastly. Yet the entire scholarship of Hindu world has been unable to identity or expose it. //////// Hinduism is on decline facing relentless slow demise in Hindustan. There will be no support to it by the RULING establishment of PARTITIONED INDIA, strictly controlled by Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, the two top persons controlling the Hindus in Hindustan today. /////// It is simply foolish to expect either to raise Hinduism in Ayodhya, Kashmir and East Bengal or anywhere else in the world, from Guyana to Nepal. /////// Hinduism is DYING a slow death in Delhi while it DIED A VIOLENT DEATH in Lahore and DHAKA in 1947. /////// The respond to historic ONSLAUGHT by Islam was to declare "HINDU RASHTRA" in the Rest of India after the Best of India was surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to the Muslim beasts of India. /////// To go under s suffocating secular Constitution was a blunder of Himalayan dimension. Yet none of us cried "DANGER" or exterminated Nehru and his Congress Party on the day they fooled us by calling it "independence". //////// How do we now recover the territory lost in a second? How do we revive the MILLIONS of dead Hindus? How do we EXTERMINATE millions of Mohammedan "beasts" in our midst who are spreading like cancer cells to finish off even CENTRAL INDIA while we should always call BANGLADESH "Eastern India" and Pakistan "Western India" in order to SEE the magnitude of our pathetic state of weakness and TERRITORIAL LOSS. /////// Selected assassinations will continue till at last they can LASH OUT will full fury as they did across Pakistan and Est Bengal in 1946 and 1947. /////// Do we have to wait for the DOOM, watching helplessly? We want an answer to this question./////// ================/////// BABOO OR BABOON? /////// “Madam Sonia ji,” Knelt Sita Ram Kesri, a timid Hindu who was considered a stalwart by the billion others who had served NEHRU dynasty for donkey years, reverentialy in front of Rashtramata Sonia KHAN of India and barely whispered, /////// “My consciencfe will be clear if you don’t ask me to remit millions of dollars from Rajiv Gandhi Foundaiton and Indira Gandhi Foundation to the secret accounts of Pope and Nuceate. Could I also remit a millionth of that sum to some HINDU charity in Bharat?” //////// “I didn’t think you had a tongue in your mouth, you Moron,” replied Sonia in anger. Our Holy Father in Vatican needs every penny from this Infidel land to enlarge the Family of Christ on earth. You dare mention the word “HINDU” again in my vicinity. //////// Eyes closed, doing a deep salaam as his acestors used to do before Mogul and British Masters, the native midget vanished. As the door shut behind him Sonia, the White Elephant of Hindustan whispered, “BABOON. I don’t know why the British called them BABOOS!” ////// Come another day://///// Sonia, seeing some handsome and strong Sikh youngmen playing football in a park, confided to a Catholic nun, “If I could convert them to MY Lord and then give them guns to convert the remaining surviving Hindus! She sighed and regretted that the Muslims had only concentrated on Western and Eastern India, leaving Central India under Rajputs, Marathas and the Sikhs. //////// “What a shame that the British only pampered the Sikh manhood instead of bringing them to Church,” she added with a sigh. //////// A few days later, spoke a Tamil Hindu most obediently, "Madam Soniaji, I salute your intelligence and the glory of your Pope. What about the restive Tamils in Sri Lanka? They claim to be of "Indian" origin and want some political concessions like the Sikhs in East Punjab. How to silence them?" //////// "What a cheek! What an affront by these restive Tamils! Alert the armed forces. Do they wish to be sovereign like East Bengal? They forget that they are HINDUS. Had they been Muslim or Catholic, I would have granted them full sovereignty like East Bengal and West Punjab decades ago. If they do not behave I shall put them under Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam's direct rule." /////// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. (www.partitionofindia.com)//////// 000000000