Date: 4/26/2006


None will dare criticise a Hindu leader if he/she is not seen compromising principles and patriotism. /////// Our leaders are tolerating all the nonsense like the separate status of North Kashmir and Article 370 in Constitution day and night. They can also sleep peacefully at night with LAHORE and East Bengal out of map of India while the Pope has us under his watchful eyes through our Italian born Rashtramata. /////// The first genuine Hindu leader will be the one who will lead his following to Italian born Sonia Khan's palace at No. 10 Janpath, New Delhi, with placards, shouting "QUIT INDIA"./////// Our cherished principle of secularism becomes hollow deception if we ignore its absence in Lahore and Chittagong. Our patriotism is a laugh if we accept Partition that was dictated by bullies and had NO referendum to back or legitimise it. /////// Our love of Hindu Dharma becomes a joke if we adore a Mohammedan President who will not say, "I have embraced Hindu Dharma." If his Arabic religion does not matter to us, then NOTHING matters to us and we cannot mislead or fool the JANATA on Hindu "Gaurav". ////// President Bush is a LEADER. He did not just threaten Al Qaida. He uprooted the TALIBAN and put the Al Qaida ON THE RUN across the globe. George Bush is the definition of a leader.////// India will not have a leader till she is Akhand Bharat again, till Kashmir is all liberated, till Ayodhya Temple stands tall and till this Constitution is consigned to fire and a new one written up./////// Real leaders will touch "hot potatoes" like this. They will have the respect and loyalty of their people. Do we see any on the horizon of Bharat yet?/////// 000000000