Date: 4/26/2006


HOW DOES TODAY'S BHARAT DIFFER FROM THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF HINDUSTAN when similar reading of Koran was done for the recovery of ailing Emperor Aurangzeb?/////// Is there NO Sikh on hand in PARTITIONED India to do an AKHAND PATH? The sight of Guru Granth Sahib is reassuring while the sight of blood thirsty kafir killer Koran sends shivers down our spine.////// What about our history? "They came plundering, looting, murdering, raping, yelling "allah hu Akbar" like wild beasts to terrify the peaceful gentle Hindu populations in Sindh, Punjab, Kashmir and Gujarat." ////// ===============/////// === Maulanas recite Koran at BJP headquarters////// Tuesday, 25 April , 2006, 20:24////// /////// New Delhi: In a rare spectacle, over 300 maulanas converged at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi and recited the entire Holy Koran praying for the speedy recovery of party general secretary Pramod Mahajan who is battling for his life in a Mumbai hospital./////// Led by Tanveer Hyder Usmani, president of the party's Minority Morcha, the clerics recited all the 30 chapters of the Holy Koran over two hours. ////// Prominent Muslim religious leaders who took part in the Tilawat-e-Koran Pak were Syed Ali Moosa Nizami of Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin and Maulana Shakeel Raza of Bareli.////// 000000000