Date: 4/28/2006


Secret forces are out there to destabilize growth of Punjab. Sometimes they engineer communal roits and at times they project Bhaniariwala Piara to burn Guru Granth Sahib. At times it is Ashutosh and then it is Talhan. Some times it is Surinder Billa and at other times is some brand of Shiv Sena. I remember when in 1998 Queen Elizabeth was to visit Amritsar the Secret Forces, I call them Star Group became restless, "How can she be allowed to Sikh City." and there were protests all around./////// Amritsar Airport is also a classic example of Star Group maneuvers. But there is a pressure from the overseas travelers seeking Amritsar Tickets. Now when there is too much pressure from the tourists they have found out a way out. Let there be another international airport in Punjab.//////// I have been writing how Punjab is being reduced to a pauper state from all aspects. The classic example being ''in literacy Punjab ( which was Number 1) goes to 22nd place in all india rating./////// In view of the forthcoming elections we found the present Chief Minister was hell bent to do something for Punjab. He was able to pursue entrepreneurs for investment of whopping 57000 crore. This was in news for the last about 6 months or so. We were surprised how could Star Group tolerate this. /////// Lo and behold, yesterday there was a news in Punjab Kesri Group of newspapers that an IAS couple in department of Environment has sent a complaint against Punjab Govt that it is not following the rules of Pollution Control Board. YES, AN IAS OFFICER WRITING AGAINT THEIR BOSS THE CHIEF MINISTER. And it worked. Yes the Centre Govt has intervened to say No to the mega projects. /////// I remember in April 2001, I had the honour to have a detailed dialogue with Captain Amrinder Singh. Then he was not yet a CM. When he was disclosing his detailed plans for Punjab, I apologized to say that Honourable Mr. Captain you won't succeed. Because there is Star Group. Captain had then commented "You are mad of a writer." I had then said your Excellency the time will tell./////// Here is the news story which tell how much mad I am. /////// B.S.Goraya Amritsar/////// 000000000