Date: 4/29/2006


In a message dated 29/04/2006 07:40:47 GMT Daylight Time, writes: /////// Good and appropriate decision: Mirwaiz////// // PM invites Hurriyat for talks on May 3/////// /////// NEW DELHI, Apr 28: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today invited the moderate Hurriyat Conference for the next round of talks on May 3, ahead of the second Kashmir roundtable in Srinagar next month. The Prime Ministerís Office (PMO) announced that Dr Singh will meet representatives of the Hurriyat Conference, led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, on Wednesday. /////// COMMENT;////// PM INVITES...////// By accepting PARTITION we also accept that there are TWO NATIONS in India. /////// We were compelled by their daggers and knives to concede FIVE provinces to Islam on one day and promised never to mention it. Upon our knees we agreed never to recall the Dead of that year nor establish a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. /////// We (i.e., our HINDU nation) have lain under a ton of Mud & Muck not to lift a finger to recover an inch of lost territory including North Kashmir but to return EAST BENGAL promptly to MOHAMMED after its capture in 1972. That was a rare victory for our cease-firing army but we cannot celebrate it./////// Our PRIME MINISTER is now COMPELLED by their guns and grenades to hold talks with them. They have the whole SECOND NATION backing them up, not just the few Kafir Killers active in Kashmir. The Second Nation was REWARDED with equal status in Ambedkar's treacherous Vidhan. We have adored the Vidhan that does not mention the surrender of five provinces that are eternally India. /////// For the weak and defeated leaders the frontiers carved by Sword of Islam became final and non negotiable while the Second Nation is coming to talks with PM to re-negotiate them./////// Any talks in the present status quo means Government is ready for more CONCESSIONS. /////// The end is well known to all of us. It is.........../////// .......the fate of Hindus in Srinagar as it was in LAHORE. It is the fate of Hindus in Delhi as it was in SRINAGAR. And it will be the fate of Hindus in Nepal and Srinagar as it was in Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, Kashmir, East Bengal and Sylhet. //////// We have not been able to turn back the MOHAMMEDAN "TSUNAMI" nor recover the territory laid WASTE by it. //////// To point the finger at the ROOT cause we need to look at VIDHAN which accepts ISLAMIC supremacy FOR EVER in Dhaka and Lahore, but Hinduism in Delhi? NOT EVEN TO BE SEEN FOR A SECOND./////// We need to address the ROOT cause and not just the symptoms. It is the eradication of CONGRESS and CONSTITUTION. //////// Guideline for the future are simple; EITHER LAHORE UNDER SECULAR LAW OR DELHI IN HINDU RASHTRA.//////// At present the scene is ugly and shameful. "A violent rapist has caught hold of the maiden. She is on her own and defenceless. She is just repeatedly imploring, "leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone," while he is pulling her towards himself with increasing FORCE.//////// We want to see India HIT THE "BASTARDS AND BULLIES" REALLY HARD and slice off the arms of the rapist called Mohammed who is playing Hell with our maiden PM on Hindu territory. /////// The maiden Manmohan Singh is on her own, too, and is being pulled towards the beast with increasing force./////// The Hindus in Lahore faced the Devil in 1947. He grabbed those in NORTH Kashmir in 1948. Then he went for SRINAGAR in 1989 and now he is ON THE MARCH again. The ruthless march of Islam- with its sword. The whole world sees it, the Second Nation celebrates it but we are blind and motionless./////// / See the pregnant headline above: /////// PM invites......................... This PM can neither blast them out of existence nor chase them back to Mecca nor repudiate their unilateral AGGRESSION of 1947 nor recover rest of Kashmir nor ensure safety of Hindus in Srinagar. Bastards & Bullies know this. Hindu leaders ignore this. //////// This PM who invites, will serve them tea, perhaps lunch with beef. And the photos in the press will put the glow of freedom into bosom of ABDUL KALAM. //////// A manly PM would have told them the venue of talks: AYODHYA. //////// WHY IS THE INDIAN PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA NOT PREPARED TO INVITE THE SIKH LEADERS FOR TALKS OVER KHALISTAN? BECAUSE THE MUSLIM GUN IS MORE POWERFUL AND MOHAMMED'S SWORD IS MUCH LONGER. IT SLICED OFF ONE THIRD OF INDIA IN ONE STRIKE IN 1947.//////// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. /////// 000000000