Date: 4/29/2006


“MOHAMMEDAN BEAST”, THE UNFINISHED BUSINESS FOR PARTITIONED INDIA /////// 1947 was history’s turning point in India when two different, mutually exclusive and hostile nations that had remained under the artificial blanket of secularism and equality and held in check by Imperial British rulers, suddenly re-emerged in their former colours. It was the bitter reality of having Muslims in any secular tolerant environment like India./////// Whoever ruled India held the defeated natives in extreme contempt. The Muslims and then the Europeans thrashed and clobbered the Hindus into pulp where all resistance to foreinn occupation ceased and a love-hate relationship developed. This was seen when the last British troops were given a farewell at Mumbai with many Indians waving farewell with tears in eyes. Today it is a Muslim Abdul Kalam in the post of President plus Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces. Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh were rare. The Indian slave colony functioned well, was well run and administered, counted on the loyalty of His Majesty’s humble subjects. /////// The Britisih never integrated with the humiliated natives and left in grace. The Muslims on the other hand went for women like sex maniacs and abducted, raped and married reproducing millions upon millions during their long rule over Hindustan. The Hindus were never powerful enough to force3 them out but got stuck to Islamic muck till dooms’ day. That day came on August 15, 1947. ////// The Muslims were brought up assiduously on separatist educational agenda and doctrines of violence, bloodshed and conversion, and to continue Jihad till the end. In the end India was partitioned to yield one third of her area to the iindigenous Muslims. Helpless and betrayed native Hindus were easily overwhelmed and wiped out or put under draconian Sharia Law. //////// The Muslims maintained a totally different way of life and their food habits, especially killing the cows for food, were extremely repulsive to the natives./////// They followed a rigid code of conduct in which any female seduced or forced to marry had to convert to Islam and any male who forsook Islam for the love of his non Muslim spouse, was to be killed. //////// Islam holds close ranks like a military formation where desertion is punishable by death. It is no religion but an ideology aiming at global domination. In India it remained like a snake in the kitchen. It was not of the same mind and mentality, not made of the same elements and composition. //////// Sharia was an import from Arabia from its savage past some 14 centuries ago. It has kept its crude form to this modern age of computers. When we see Bin Laden living and moving about with his band of followers in the rocks and caves in Afghanistan we can visualise Mohammed living in the same way, bringing death to the Kafirs around and beyond.//////// Punjab and Bengal were two grand provinces on either side of India. On the map she seemed a big bird with its head in Kashmir and two wings, Bengal and Punjab on either side that gave buoyancy to it when it soared above the Himalayas. What a magnificent sight! /////// But that was before the “beasts” appeared from the West. The Muslims of India, encouraged by fellow invaders from Britain, targeted these powerful limbs and brutally cut them off while the British imperial masters held the bird pinned down on ground. /////// Blood poured out profusely from either side of the bird’s body as it lay limp and grounded. It has hardly moved since, leave aside take off to soar at former heights./////// The British had singled out one man whom they could trust while leaving the country. He was Jawaharlal Nehru who studied in a public school in London and imbibed the arrogant and distant contemptuous imperial attitude towards the humiliated, impoverished and degraded natives. He wined and dined and wore the latest fashion in clothes. He returned to India after getting his degree in Law. He spoke fluent English, wrote in English and gave eloquent speeches that made him look like a patriot. /////// In fact, he was the worst traitor in India’s history who readily signed the unconditional surrender of one third of entire territory of India to the indigenous (Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwan) Muslims at the bidding of his British tutors. /////// He was so quick to grab the “Rest of India” that he forgot to demand referendum. He forgot to demand the expulsion of all the treacherous Muslims and he refused to allow the native Hindu religion any recognition while at the same time recognising the ISLAMIC flags over five provinces of our defeated and slain country. /////// Bandit Nehru did a hat trick before the world. He gave instant recognition to the breakaway rebellious Islamic state of Pakistan instead of putting it on hold pending a final settlement over the Two Nation Theory that made the Muslims our ENEMIES in India. /////// Without facing such deterrent but, instead, seeing power vacuum in Nehru’s demoralised defeated camp, Pakistan promptly invaded Kashmir within days of its birth. ////// Fortunately for India the Maharaja of Kashmir was a Hindu who signed accession to India and demanded protection. /////// An unwilling Nehru (who was a secret convert to Islam like Indira, his daughter) was forced to send troops to push the raiders back. But when the brave SIKH troops, sent from Patiala, started pushing the enemy back, our (seemingly Hindu) Pandit got jitters. He ran to UN to demand cease fire. Our slave nation could not see that a winning side never begs for cease fire. Pandit had to be exposed and executed on the same day when he went begging for a cease fire in Kashmir, recognising the military might of Pakistan while degrading and insulting our own brave Jawans. /////// On the same day the glorious Indian Army that had won several battle honours during two World Wars without a cease fire, became a despicable bunch of mercenary soldiers, now known as “Eunuchs in Uniform” for the sin of forsaking Victory in Kashmir after the ignominious unconditional surrender of Lahore. //////// That cease fire has meant that Kashmir, too, like Punjab and Bengal will remain partitioned and bleeding for ever since it is the same Nehru’s Congress that is still ruling and controlling their Indian colony. North Kashmir, the symbolic head of India will also be missing from the torso like the two wings on either side of India. /////// What is there to remind us of history’s greatest defeat and unconditional surrender in 1947 if the word “Parrtition” is substituted by “Independence” in the country’s Constitution? The native Hindus were given no voice over this Constitution. It is the work of Imperialist Briton and Murderous Islam carried out by stooge Nehru and Buddhist Ambedkar. /////// Every detail of World War 2 is commemorated by movie industry in the West. We have films like “Fall of Berlin”, “Battle of Stalingrad”, “Escape from Colditz”, “Bridge at River Kwai” and “Resistance in Warsaw” and so on. Now there is “Flight 93” to tell the whole world of the surprise attack on the United States on September 11, 2001./////// In contrast it is disgusting to see films from Bollywood showing the manhood of Khans in countless scenes in the collapsed world of adoring envious Hindu “eunuchs”. /////// There is a lot of ground to cover if the Hindus are to survive on their own patch. First our Bharat is to produce countless films on the Fall of Punjab, the Rape of Bengal and the Murder of Kashmir so that the nation wakes up out of romantic song and dance watching these Pakistani Khans doing their utmost to downgrade and demoralise Hindu manhood. /////// New films have to take up the challenge head on to show a Musalmani actress falling in love with a Hindu or Sikh hero and then embracing his Faith. Let this home grown enemy realise that it is two way traffic and it is not always the Hindu maiden that will kiss the foot of his Mohammed, learn Arabic to read Koran and cook beef for him./////// If we have been victims in Punjab, Bengal, Kashmir and even in Ayodhya and mentally so diminished that we cannot dream of Secular flag over Lahore and Chittagong, then what FUTURE do we see for our children in Bharat that is virtually surrounded by fires of Mohammed and is under siege with Hindus eliminated at the top even in New Delhi? /////// The place of the First Lady of Hindustan, standing on the side of Rashtrapati is BLANK. So is our nation in self esteem. So are we in our “gaurav” in Hindu Dharma. When the world smiles at us, it is not becaue of our excellent Dharma or the shine of Bharat but because we are excellent servants and “nishkam sewaks” of the foreigners at home and abroad. //////// Can we not see the noose descending from Nepal and the “madrassa” syllabus within India’s Second Nation, and the daggers being sharpened in Lahore and Dhaka? We still have the second nation in Partitoned India if Pakistan stays as their homeland. Muslims can be one nation in India if Pakistan and India can be one nation in South Asia once again. It is up to the rascals to strive towards unity as they created the disunity. The Hindu need not go appeasing and pleasing to Lahore nad Karachi or Islamabad. //////// Hindu plight and misery in South Kashmir and what is happening in Sri Lanka will not interest Abdul Kalam, the Supreme Commander of Indian armed forces, and Sonia Khan the Italian born Rashtramata of the BOGUS WINDBAG of today’s Bharatiya Secular Republic. (This is not an insult to anyone. If we lump the loss of Lahore, then we cannot be insulted any more!). ////// Let us begin. /////// Our goal is “Pakistan means all the Indian Muslims are traitors. They must GO.” If Islamic Constitution hangs over Lahore then HINDU Constitution must be over Delhi. Every Mohammedan marrying a Hindu maiden in Hindusthan to forsake his Islam and embrace the native Hindu religion. Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya to rise to grandeur to reflect one billion strong Hindu nation on earth. An Institute of Hindu Ideology to be established that will sweep away the mental cobwebs of centuries of slavery. //////// Every State to establish HINDU universities with committed Hindu scholars to educate the young in own unadultrated theology. /////// Establish a Hindu Holocaust Museum and Five Sikh Holocaust Museums to open our eyes to the battering and hammering we natives have been receiving at the hands of Mohammedans and Europeans. /////// Let that jut be the start.////// Who is this communication addressed to? The leaders of VHP, RSS, SHIV SENA, BAJRANG DAL and SHIROMANI AKALI DAL in Partitioned Punjab. ////// They must shed their role as subservient coolies or road sweepers to call PARTITION “Independence” and to call the MUSLIMS in Partitioned India their fellow citizens with equal rights. Those rights of the defeated and demoralised Hindus will vanish very soon like the rights of the Hindus in North Kashmir and East Bengal. //////// We need to realise what it is taking the worl’s super power, the United States, to bring sense to Al Qaida in Afghanistan. //////// In tactics Manmohan Singh may go on wearing the “burqa” while meeting Master Musharraf but in global strategical terms our “BUCKREE” (Goat) Singh ought to place five divisions of Indian army at the disposal of the Americans in Afghanistan to crush Al Qaida that is providng a lot of inspiration to the home grown Indian terrorists and murderers in Kashmir. /////// Secular Hihndustan is like red rag to the Muslim bull and when peace returns to Middle East, fires will erupt in Hindsustan. For us Partition is final and finished business, but for them it is unfinished business. The ongoing alarming power vacuum in South Asia is bound to invite more aggresson. /////// The “nuclear bomb” called PARTITION hit us hard in 1947 due to this power vacuum. Compromising, appeasing weak, battered and bashed Hindu nation has not yet stood up in a BOLD and MANLY manner to fill this vacuum. //////// Hindustan’s Man of Destiny will be a divine lightening phenomenon like Guru Gobind Singh ji. At present a sarkari secular imposter called Abdul Kalam is wearing that mantle for the recovery of North Kashmir, the defence of HINDU territory, religion and morale, the dignity of Hindu maidens at Bollywood, for raising our historic Temple in Ayodhya and to establish twenty nine HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS, one per state, across India. /////// Abdul Kalam, the smoke screen, is hiding the mighty attack that is building up behind./////// =============/////// A third class nation can have only third class leaders. Third class leader can only perform like donkeys. Third class leaders reduce the nation to third class in no time.///////// Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his companions at the leadership table in India brought Indiadown crashing into cesspit by accepting the surrender of five provinces to indigenous Muslims instead of “teaching the traitors a lesson”. The birth of Pakistan was the death of India. Death of secularism in Lahore made it look like donkey’s fodder in Delhi. The Hindu who says, I accept Partition does not mind eating grass./////// What the Indian leaders had to say was, “We accept partition under duress but resent and reject it.” Among donkeys there was no man. India broke up in three fragments without any logic, rhyme or reason except the weakening of Hindus and their ultimate extinction. //// 29/04/2006 /////// 000000000