Date: 5/1/2006


KASHMIR-HINDU KILLINGS //////// JAMMU, MAY 1 2006 (PTI) ////// http://www.outlookindia.com/pti_news.asp?id=381619/////// Striking in a big way, militants gunned down 22 Hindus, including a nine-year-old girl, after dragging them out of their houses in two villages of Doda district, about 300 kms from here, in the wee hours today. /////// ===============/////// COMMENT://///// There could be NO massacre if Abdul Kalam, the Supreme Commander, were a committed HINDU, or serious about his duties. ///// These massacres have been ONGOING non stop since 712 AD on Indian soil. /////// Yet the Hindus have not realised that to live within ten kilometres of a MOHAMMEDAN, they have to carry two things, DAY AND NIGHT:////// 1. Kirpan or sword that should be a PISTOL OR AK47 today. 2. A mobile phone to tell the nearest VHP and RSS chiefs and then the police and the army post near by. Every Hindu should carry his/her telephone number on his person day and night. //////// 3. Chowkidars or Watchmen to be posted in all villages in SOUTH Kashmir and elsewhere where there is a Muslim majority. ////// The world is so fed up with such news on REGULAR BASIS that they widely believe, "Mohammedans are like hungry WOLVES set upon a paddock of sheep full of HINDUS.////// OVER TWO MILLION WERE KILLED IN 1947 EVEN BEFORE THE BRITISH MASTERS HAD LEFT INDIA. AFTER THEY WERE GONE, WE SAW INDIA BREAK UP INTO THREE FRAGMENTS. ////// THERE IS STILL AN ALARMING POWER VACUUM IN SOUTH ASIA. THE HINDU IS FIT FOR DYING ONLY. ////// THEIR CONTINUING WEAKNESS IS NOW INVITING GENERAL CIVIL WAR WHERE THE HINDUS ARE LIKELY TO BE WIPED OUT TO THE LAST FEMALE. //////// THE HINDUS WHO COULD NOT SWEAR TO GET BACK TO LAHORE, CANNOT NOW AVERT THEIR "FINAL SOLUTON". IT WILL BE A BLOODY AND MESSY AFFAIR AND UNO TROOPS WILL HAVE TO FLY IN FROM ALL SIDES.////// 000000000