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date: 5/2/2006

never had a part time job reddit

1. i write this with a somewhat heavy heart. i am a hindu; i feel for hindus. such a fine race, with such a noble religion, being butchered in a savage way, the women being raped in a brutal manner! why?//////// i can? put the blame on ?ate? the kshatriya spirit in hindu race has declined; that is the cause, not our ?ate? fate follows from our karma, our actions; our actions are guided by our buddhi, thinking. some body told us not to harm, be non-violent; ahimsa, ?himsa paramo dharam? when mohammed-bin-qasin invaded sindh in 712 a.d., some buddhist shrine chiefs said ?himsa paramo dharam? of course, their statement was totally against the teachings of lord buddha; but they cared not. they were motivated by greed and jealousy. they supported mohammed-bin-qasim, hoping that they will receive royal patronage after the hindu ruler was defeated. of course, their ideas proved wrong; they did not know what foolish thing they were doing; finally they faced a total annihilation of buddhism in india at the hands of islam.//////// 2. mahatma gandhi followed those who supported mohammed-bin-quasim in 712 a.d.; he wanted the britishers to go anyhow; he did not mind handing over hindustan to islam, if it came to that. his policy of appeasement and falling at the feet of hard-core muslims, ignoring softer type of muslims, brought about the partition of 1947, with a lot of suffering to hindus. now also, hindus are suffering, suffering and suffering; we have not come out of the mood and mentality of surrender, surrender, to hard-coare muslims, taught and practiced by mahatma gandhi. he brought about one partition of the country; more partitions will follow unless we outright reject the mentality of mahatma gandhi to surrender in the name of non-violence, love, and tolerance. ///////// 3. in today? half-monthly think-tank bulletin, i am repeating the article on ?arva dharma sama bhava?of last half-monthly bulletin; let it go a little deep into the minds of readers, particularly hindus. in his last letter dated 30th september 1930 under the title, ?arva dharma sama bhava? mahatma gandhi had given the following sermon in his last paragraph: //////// ?ll obstacles in our path will vanish, if only we observe the golden rule, that we must not be impatient with those whom we may consider to be in error, but must be prepared, if need be, to suffer in our person.? ///////// i must add that hindu society is our body, our person. the way in which we hindus are suffering, suggests that very soon, our hindu women in india shall be auctioned not in the markets of baghdad and basra as happened soon after mohmmed-bin-qasim; now, our hindu women do not have to be to taken such a long distance to be auctioned; they will be auctioned in the nearer markets of lahore and dacca. all obstacles in our path will vanish as anticipated by mahatma gandhi; there shall be no hindus left in hindustan. all obstacles will be over ! ////////// 4. not that all muslims follow holy quran in its entirety. but the heads of hindus need to be clear about the command of the holy quran, given in chapter 9, titled ?epentance? para no.5 (three independent translations of the holy quran are given below)://////// 4. not that all muslims follow holy quran in its entirety. but the heads of hindus need to be clear about the command of the holy quran, given in chapter 9, titled ?epentance? para no.5 (three independent translations of the holy quran are given below)://////// (i) the koran translated by arthur j arberry published by oxford university press: ?when the sacred months are drawn away , slay the idolators wherever you find them, and take them ,and confine them and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush.?///////// (ii) the quran translated by e.h.palmer, sacred books of the east, edited by max muller: ?hen the sacred months are passed away , kill the idolators wherever ye may find them; and take them and besiege them,and lie in wait for them in every place of observation.?///////// (iii)the holy quran with arabic text on half page and english translation, side by side, on the other half page,by m.pickthall , published by nusrat ali nasri for kitab bhavan,1214,kalan mahal,darya gunj,new delhi-110 002.this is a well-known publishing house of authentic islamic literature: ////////// ?hen the sacred months have passed ,slay the idolators wherever ye find them ,and take them(captive), and besiege them ,and prepare for them each ambush.?//////// 5. do you find any substantial difference among the three independent translations of the holy quran? the sacred book brought down on earth by the holy prophet mohammed, is very clear, as clear as it could be. but do the hindus understand? do their religious teachers understand? do the hindu politicians understand? they are behaving like duds, on the whole. whoever questions these ?ise people? is treated like an untouchable. they refuse to understand. what will they get in turn? if disaster overtakes them, shall we blame ?ate? no, the duds themselves , no one else; also ourselves who follow these duds, without challenging them. ////////// 000000000

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