Date: 5/5/2006


--------------------------------------/////// On the success of BNP (British National Party) in local elections in Britain (May 4, 2006), a British NRI (an Indian whose family had to flee Lahore in West Punjab in utmost shock and panic in 1947) bravely put the following comment on AOL web site: //////// Message 5 of 31 Subject 10 of 50 /////// Subject: Re: Less than an hour to go /////// Date: 05/05/2006 08:59 GMT Daylight Time /////// From: XXXXXXX ////// MsgId: 441972:782321 //////// Please see the sub continent to learn a lesson. It EXPLODED, two million MASSACRED and frontiers shifted. India LOST one third of her TERRITORY overnight after surrendering it UNCONDITIONALLY to Mohammed. The DEFEAT was so stunning that the ignorant and intimidated Indians save face by calling it "Independence Day". And that is what it says in the Indian Constitution, too, to keep the lid firmly on the "indigenous" ISLAMIC HEAT for ever. VOTE BNP so that this country (UNITED Kingdom), too, does not get blown up the Indian way or taken by surprise like the USA on September 11, 2001. //////// The ruling CONGRESS Party in India is the exact replica of the ruling and fooling LABOUR Party in the United Kingdom. The sooner they are OUSTED, the less damage this country will suffer. India MINUS wings (Pakistan & Bangladesh) and head (North Kashmir), with Islamic cancer spreading in her body, will always remain a CRIPPLE on earth, facing the prospect of another destructive civil war./////// ===================//////// Footnote:////// Congratulations to BNP for excellent showing in yesterday's elections. //////// Many intimindated and brainwashed British people are now beginning to see the new winner through the smoke screen thrown up by treacherous Labour Party whose appeasement policies have swelled the ranks of "indigestible" ideological Fifth Column in this country.///////// ========================== 000000000