Date: 5/6/2006


WHY ARE OUR CANDID AND CONSCIENCIOUS APPROACHES NOT WORKING?/////// By S.P. Attri (USA)///////// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//////// 1. Some examples of our failures and fiascos are listed below. Malaysians have demolished a 100-year old Hindu temple. Hindus wept and wailed, implored the Malaysian authorities, to stop this and spare the temple, but to no avail. Instead of criticizing these kinds of Bigoted Islamic actions, the famous man of peace, Dalai Lama, during his tour of the USA, announced that: “Islam is a religion of compassion, and is being unfairly marginalized by a few extremists.” /////// Dalai Lama is not the only one, there are many other leaders in India, who are just as Nutty as Dalai Lama, and their narrations are just as perilous. //////// 2. We need to recognize that Malaysians are not the only ones. For centuries, Moslems have been demolishing our Hindu temples, and building mosques on top of our sacred shrines. What is the motivation for the Moslems for doing these wicked and savage deeds, what inspires them to find prime locations for mosques, on top of the ashes of Hindu temples? Are they doing this to find space for their mosques?//////// Not at all. The reason of the Moslems has a Wicked-Twist. Their reason: Allah has told them to fight Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels) all the time, to destroy and demolish all their exemplars, to display and parade the inferiority of their religions. //////// 3. Another reason is because we Hindus permit the Moslems to do this to us. How? //////// Instead of rising up and confronting the Moslems, we suffer and stay put, we raise a few noises, but then our leaders start proposing treaties of peace and friendship with the Moslems, they give a Fancy name to this Crazy Proposal “ Normalization Process of Addressing Disputes and Issues.” //////// The intention here is to win over the Moslems towards peace, to achieve peace and tranquility in the country. But what it does actually is to encourage Moslems to intensify their demands, and transform them into Bullies and Testers. Moslems start testing how far they can push the Hindu, to make him accede to their demands, and offer their surrender to Islam. If Hindu does not surrender, Moslems treat the Hindus with Bloody-Riots, including the killing of Hindus, and the massive offense of Islam against the Hindus continues. /////// 4. Bangladesh-Infiltration is another example, which constitutes the biggest threat to the Hindu. But instead of confronting the problem head-on, and crushing the border-violators, we take to talking of infiltration, and making long speeches on the problem, doing precious little to halt or hinder the problem. Other Hindu leaders stay clear of the Bangladeshi problem, and instead talk of war against terror, while concurrently expressing and professing that, terror (by the Moslems) has nothing to do with Islam. //////// 5. With centuries-long criminal history and criminal record of Islam, who does not know what the Moslems are up to, and what is in their mind? Which Hindu cannot foresee, that after a while, the Bangladeshi Moslems would raise Battle-Cry Of Jehad, at the drop of a hat, and hold the Hindu to ransom. /////// 6. The Simple Flat-Out truth is that: //////// Islam wants to over-run the globe, by overturning and undermining the Kafir-States of the world, and establish Allah’s Empire in their place. Bombing, Killing, and Slaughtering of Kafirs, has Allah’s Sanction. Islam has been engrossed in this activity for centuries, and has been thriving in this pursuit. Why should Islam be any different now? /////// Surinder Paul Attri//////(COURTESY HINDU SHAKTI LIST) 000000000