Date: 5/6/2006


Title: Tricolour and tears at Mahajanís funeral /////// ============//////// COMMENT: /////// It ought to have been BHAGWA and not Nehru's mongrel tricolour. /////// The green represented MOHAMMED and he took his PAKISTAN and ran away as fast as he could to beat the British at their time of departure in 1947. /////// All Nehru did to the old Congress flag was to replace "charkha" by Ashoka Lions saying, "Congress is India and Hindu ought to be nowhere!" //////// I urge VHP and RSS leadership to set up a Commission immediately in order to design a new Flag of Bharat. We should not care a damn for Sonia's frown or Mohammed's wrath. Our decent people have already been under treacherous vidhan, wrong rulers and false flag for six decades. /////// The design of a new flag for sovereign Bharat is long overdue and ought to be given highest priority for our HINDU nation's Identity and Dignity. /////// We should not ignore that due to extremely unfortunate historical reasons (SLAVERY OVER CENTURIES) we have only ONE flag for one billion of us living in 29 States. /////// Had there been no SLAVERY under Muslims or Europeans, today we could well have seen TWENTY NINE sovereign HINDU RASHTRAS in South Asia just like those 54 MOHAMMEDAN flags on earth. /////// Our Maharashtra would have been sovereign ike Saudi Arabia. Our Gujarat like France, our Tamil Nadu like Spain, our Kerala like Portugal, our Assam like Denmark and so on. //////// All the European countries have CROSS on their flags and all the Islamic republics have Star & Crescent on their flags while the mere idea of putting TRISHUL or KHANDA CHAKRA on our national flag brings ridicule and abuse from our RULING non-Hindu masters who look down upon the native Hindus with utmost CONTEMPT. //////// There is a proud man or woman holding each flag in hand, sitting at the United Nations, while we have only one mongrel tricolour for 29 hands. Thus in the case of Bharat, we see just ONE sheepish secular man or woman representing the proud one billion strong Hindu nation at UNO. Tomorrow that person could be Shabana Azmi or Rahul Gandhi, son of BOFORS CHOR. /////// At UNO, man to man or nation to nation, we get equated with impoverished Bangladesh (East Bengal). Our Bharatvarsha has less voice at world fora than even the PLO. The Indian "secular rat" votes every time without fail to hightlight the plight of the Palestinian refugees rather than the plight of the Hindus in Kashmir and Sindh.////////000000000