Date: 5/8/2006


One is so proud of PANUN KASHMIR for doing what the entire Sikh community, 20 million strong, and the entire Hindu nation exterminated in Sind, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab and fleeing from East Bengal have not been able to do. /////// Let us get the Sikhs in our focus since they were created to defend the Hindus, their temples and daughters, who were incapable of defending themselves while lying crushed under the foot of Mohammed and the Moguls FOR CENTURIES without generating the force to expel the foreign "swine" to Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Arabia from where they came for easy loot and defenceless females. There was not a MAN to stem the tide and turn it around./////// How ironic it is to see the Sikhs still chanting "All mankind is one family", FAILING to see that one member of this family has DISEMBOWELLED their daughters, killed them by the MILLION, exterminated them in North Kashmir, and chased them out of their homes all over Pakistan, not only in West Punjab. The fools now happily apply to their arch enemies in Islamabad for visa to visit Sri Nankana Sahib./////// Leave aside defying the Will of treacherous Congress despots and their leader Bandit NEHRU, and promptly establishing a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in EAST Punjab, the Sikhs have not even set up a PHOTO EXHIBITION like the one produced by PANUN KASHMIR to show to the world what they went through ON THEIR OWN TERRITORY in 1947. Millions of them became refugees, not just a few thousand. /////// The Sikh head is EMPTY of any memory of those horrible days. In the same way the Hindu Head, too, refuses to acknowledge the Himalayan tragedy of Hindus in North and South KASHMIR and of the Hindu refugees, widows and orphans, that have landed in (mutilated) Mother India's lap. /////// Therefore, CONGRATULATIONS to Panun Kashmir. It does show to the Sikhs that "AQAL IS SUPERIOR TO SHAKAL". A lion can become a goat if it swaps Gobind for Gandhi. /////// But alas, we expect too much of our leaders who are all bound, shackled and cuffed by Nehru's treacherous Vidhan that has a particular humiliating Article 370 in it that puts South Kashmir far above any other Hindu State in BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned India) with regard to subsidies, funding, grants and sarkari handouts. /////// Not one Hindu majority State, some like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, as big as France and Germany, has dared to demand the same concessions for her own people. The whole of ENSLAVED Hindusthan is raising taxes to feed the eternally dependent and crippled Muslim community who have savagely forced out their Hindu fellow citizens. /////// Like a pack of hungry wolves they killed and maimed the sheep in the paddock. Shepherd Abdul Kalam (Supreme Commander of India's two million strong Armed Forces) is still asleep. So is his ideological consort the Italian import called Sonia Gandhi who is still "licked all over" by most Hindus who call her "Rashtramata" .//////// We (NRI Forum UK) shall be sending the following letter to the BBC, CNN and FOX TV, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL to draw their attention to the plight of HINDUS in Kashmir. But what about the PRIME MINISTER and the FIRST LADY of this WRETCHED land called Hindusthan? can anyone believe that the HINDUS will put their security and destiny in the hands of their sworn ideological ENEMIES? //////// It is a SIMPLE observation any Hindu LEADER with little IQ could make: When there are two communities living together, one violent MOHAMMEDAN, the other gentle and non violent GANDHIAN, the latter will be thrashed, beaten, killed, massacred and forced out of their territory. /////// The conclusion that the soft and perishing PAGANS of India drew in 1699 was this: In order to survive (not prevail or overwhelm) "a gentle community has to become twice as FEROCIOUS and MILITANT as the violent community in its midst." /////// This unique discovery produced Guru Gobind Singh who created the Khalsa. By mere sight of a warrior Khalsa the PATHAN, the MOGUL, and the TALIBAN would wet their trousers and run for cover. //////// That Law of Ideology still prevails. By extreme bad luck the Hindus have made a MUSALMAN their "Rashtrapati", an ITALIAN their "Rashtramata" and MK GANDHI their "Rashtrapita" but do not wish to put the name of Guru Gobind Singh in their CONSTITUTION. //////// Today the Sikhs are SMASHED & SCATTERED, having lost their seat of power LAHORE, and the Hindus are crying "HELP!" in South Kashmir, and can only show gruesome photos but neither can tackle even one ENEMY on ground. /////// Please read below our proposed letter to the BBC etc. //////// ===========================================/////// (Start of letter)/////// Sir,/////// Kashmir was a tourists' paradise when the British ruled India. It was called the "Switzerland of Asia"./////// Before that there was the intolerant ISLAMIC rule of Moguls notorious for their brutal persecution of the indigenous Hindus and Buddhists. /////// Murder, abduction, rape and forcible conversions were the order of the day. Mogul soldiers were the exact replica of the savage TALIBAN of Afghanistan who destroyed the two tall historic Buddha statues in Bamyan, near Kabul. It is the inherent nature of Islam to be EVIL and BESTIAL to the core, not only to the others (Armenia, India, Cyprus) but also towards themselves (Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran)./////// Kashmir now is the only Muslim Majority State in Partitioned India./////// Below is a graphic account of how the Muslims carry out ethnic cleansing wherever they can get their hands on the throats and daughters of the non Muslims. //////// They also promptly grab TERRITORY wherever they can, e.g., India in 1947 and Northern Cyprus in 1974.//////// Growing Muslim Minority in Europe ought to be a matter utmost concern for those who wish to avoid the fate of India. On the same date (August 15, 1947) that the British left India, the country EXPLODED into violence and bloodshed and became three fragments out of one whole. The word "UNITED" in her title was replaced by "PARTITIONED"./////// Surely BBC have responsibility not only to Secularism and Crown in the United Kingdom but also to the wider world away from home, particularly in the commonwealth. //////// (End of proposed letter. The following will be added as Enclosure.). /////// xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx//////// Remains of terror //////// Kashmiri Pundits (i.e., Hindus) in the Capital have come up with a visual dialogue to protest the ethnic cleansing in their homeland, says Mamta Upadhyaya //////// Forget human beings, even Gods have fled the Valley. Once a paradise on Earth, as described by poet Firdaus, Kashmir today is no less than a virtual hell and stands as a perfect picture of gore and terror. /////// "Sakshatkar", a photo exhibition organised by the group Panun Kashmir (My Kashmir) at India Habitat Centre, is one such encounter with this truth. The exhibition is a statement of fact and probably a first authentic expression of separatism in the Kashmir Valley. //////// Through 150 photographs captured (not by any professional photographer but by the victims of militancy themselves) the exhibition focuses on expulsion of Hindus from Kashmir. //////// It is a compilation of photographs taken by a team of victims, who visited the interiors of Kashmir especially those in control of Jehadis, risking their lives not once but on several occasions. //////// Rows of dead bodies, burning pyres, terrorised kids - their innocence lost - rape victims - their freedom crushed - tell more than the usual dramatic media reports. The houses, which were once homes, have been turned into debris; the temples stand but with desecrated Gods. ///////// Sacred couplets on the walls of temples have been replaced with obscene graffiti. The pictures narrate the pain of being a refugee in ones' own land for believing in the Indian Constitution. Every Kashmiri might have suffered due to militancy but no one's plight can be worse than that of Kashmiri Pundits, who not only lost their homes, possessions, memories but also their root and identity. ////////// Says Vijay Tikoo, vice-chairman of Panun Kashmir, "The entire country knows that Kashmiri Hindus have suffered a genocide, but they formally deny it. This exhibition is aimed to help every one to come out of this denial mode." He says that no community in India might have suffered so much for so long. But no one is really concerned. //////// Hundreds of them have been brutally massacred by terrorists; many have died prematurely due to inhuman conditions in refugee camps. This has not happened in a day or month but has been their destiny for the last 17 years. //////// Professor ML Raina is a Kashmiri Pundit who left his home in 1990 when militancy was on its peak. Now he wants to go back to his roots. He says, "Many Kashmiris in search of a better future have moved to Jammu or different states. Those who could not, or have not are rotting in camps on minimum Government doles. About two lakh Pundits still live in abysmal conditions in Jammu with families of five to six people huddled into a small room. Their cries for better facilities have fallen on deaf ears. My sons and daughters have left India as they were not able to live with the humiliation they suffered as refugees." ///////// While Tikoo plans to take this exhibition to various parts of the country and hold discussions on the issue, MP and former Union Defence Minister George Fernandes has different suggestions. ///////// Moved by the pictures he remarks, "It's a shame. Unbelievable that any human being can descend to such insanity." He suggests that instead of inviting Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf for cricket matches, our Prime Minister should invite him to see this exhibition. "He should realise what he is doing to humanity," he says. The exhibition is on till May 10. ////////// ========================/////// 000000000