Date: 5/9/2006


As for tolerance in Islam, sensible Muslims do have tolerance. Sensible Hindus, Sikhs and Christians also have tolerance but there are fanatics in every religion , Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity or Islam who have zero tolerance and who feel that only their point of view is right. ///////// SS Bedi ///////// ==========================================//////// As for tolerance in Islam, it is opportunistic. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was secular and very tolerant of the INFIDELS (Hindus and Sikhs) when he was President of Congress Party. Then he saw his chance to SMASH the HIndus and KILL the Sikhs. //////// Most Indians do not realise that LAHORE had 75% non Muslims in 1947 and NONE knows how each and every one of them vanished or DIED. I commend to you "Freedom at Midnight" by Larry Collins. People cannot know much about partition if their treacherous Sarkar orders them to celebrate independence, instead./////// When the country is ruled with a firm hand holding a GUN like the British in India till 1947, the Muslims, sensible and stupid, tolerant and intolerant, BEHAVE and profess secularism. //////// But the moment the RULERS are treacherous, confused, pseudo-secular or WEAK as in Hindustan now, and since 712 AD, the Muslims draw swords and daggers and go berserk. Now the Hindus of Kashmir are smashed and scattered but most Hindus in the rest of India regard them aliens and do not link up with them. ASK THEM if they saw a tolerant Mohammed in Srinagar./////// If one could have been educated on GENOCIDE of Hindus in NOAKHALI, Pakistan and Kashmir in 1946, 1947 and 1948, you would have said, "Thank God for tolerant Muslims for there is a tiny pocket where the SECULAR boot is strong and the MUSLIMS ARE TOLERANT." /////// Never trust the ENEMY. NEVER TRUST MOHAMMED until he vacates his aggression in LAHORE where Fifth Sikh Guru was TORTURED AND KILLED, where UDHAM SINGH was HANGED TO DEATH. /////// For God's sake let us have at least ONE condition for Mohammed. We perished in 1947 and could not lay even one condition for PARTITION. Are you aware of one? /////// Just see any page in KORAN and see how many times the word KAFIR appears. Now try to go through the entire thick volume of Guru Granth Sahib and try to discover one such VULGAR, BEASTLY and INHUMAN term. //////// ============= 000000000