Date: 5/10/2006


In wretched Hindustan and in all parts of that COOLIE colony where eternal slavery has turned the natives into BABOO(N)S, all politics are confined to the top few.///////// Partition of Punjab and mutilation of India were decided by a mere f****** FOUR (Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah and Baldev). There was NO referendum to ascertain the wishes of PEOPLE who were regarded no more than vermin. ///////// Punjab was cut and chopped again and again by CONGRESS rascals, "dogs and bitches", MOSTLY NON PUNJABI, without reference to the PEOPLE.//////// Now whether it is KHALISTAN or HINDUSTAN, it is only the self appointed LEADERS. The only State where the PEOPLE are up in arms is KASHMIR due to its uncompromising RELIGION, an import from Arabia. //////// Had Islam been native to India, it, too, would have been PULP or a MOUND OF MUD by now. But today even in PARTITIONED India, it is a FORCE TO RECKON WITH. //////// After Nehru surrendered our LAHORE, NO Sikh institution passed a Resolution rejecting that BOGUS Partition of Punjab. ///////// After his autocratic daughter Indira "Gandhi" (Mrs. Feroze KHAN) returned EAST Bengal to MOHAMMED after its capture in 1972, no Sikh eyebrows were raised in EAst Punjab at such a visible High Treason and the slap in the face of Sikhs. //////// I have watched all the SIKH PANTH and have several times commended Sixth "Kakka" for COMPUTERS, but have seen NO taker. One must wonder that when the government controls all the means of INFORMATION how can public in this COMPUTER AGE get to know the truth or what is in their best interest? //////// The Sikhs are a particularly TRAGIC case on earth. They are vanishing like the Spartans- great discipline and "Rehat Maryada" for the INDIVIDUAL, but no guidance for the COLLECTIVE Body. We have never thought of a COLLECTIVE Head. The Catholics have their Pope. The Muslim have Mohammed. An army has a general. If the Sikhs could be called an army then its field marshal is either Guru Nanak or Mahatma Gandhi, both flags of DOOM in political jungle infested with wolves and tigers. //////// The way the early Sikhs crept out of the Taliban-held dungeon called Hindustan, where the KAFIRS were being chopped up limb by limb, thrown in boiling water, and beheaded in daylight, was through camauflage and concealment. Guru Nanak managed to silently do his preaching without drawing the attention of the rulers, except once when he landed in prison. He succeeded in pushing the plane off the ground silently and gently. /////// Chanting "Awwal Allah Noor Upaya, ......", emracing Turks and Moguls right and left, and calling all mankind to be one family, he and his followers escaped detection, arrest, torture and death. /////// Slowly and slowly the plane of Sikhi gained height except when it got into turbulence and the Fifth and the Ninth Gurus were killed as a result. /////// Thereafter someone had to COMPREHEND the politics of decomposing, collapsing and drowning world of the Hindus and give a call to go separate and sovereign. Instead, our leaders were brainwahsed to lap up to Gandhi and embrace his non violence. The Sikh Panth was forced to flee West Punjab and landed in Gandhi's deep CESSPIT. //////// 1947 broke our backbone, 1984 gave a stunning blow to our head and now we are beginning from Point Zero again. //////// First the British and then BANDIT NEHRU and his "haraami aulaad" pushed us back to Gandhi and Guru Nanak to finish off resistance. //////// So having relegated Guru Gobind Singh to the last place and having brought forth the First Guru by TEN PLACES, we have proved to be PEOPLE WITHOUT AQAL.//////// The genocide, massacres and losing our "watan!" and homeland and going under ITALIANS and ABDUL KALAMS again just shows two things: /////// We are an IGNORANT and SCATTERED people. What united the Muslims who inflicted the most crushing defeat on Hindustan in 1947 to capture one third of India's TERRITORY, was their Master with SWORD, Mohammed. /////// They do not even need computers to bypass any Devil of Sarkar. Their Sarkars, too, find Mohammed as an electric charge to unite everyone against the NON Muslims./////// In our case the Chief Minister of the only Sikh majority State is beholden to Italian BRAT Imported by BOFORS CHOR. Our Prime Minister has to report to ABDUL KALAM who is half Pakistani and half Hindustani./////// The Sikhs, without an ELECTRIFYING CORE OF UNITE are lost. Our final struggles and sacrifices are symptomatic of this approaching slow death./////// THE PEASANT OF PUNJAB, WHO HAS TO CARRY OUT THE REVOLUTION ON GROUND IN ORDER TO PUT HIS EAST PUNJAB AT PAR WITH EAST BENGAL WITH REGARD TO FREEDOM FROM DELHI, HAS NO CLUE WHATSOEVER AS TO WHAT THESE "SARDARS" ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE FROM AMERICA. THE GOVERNMENT OF CONGRESS BANDITS AND RASCALS, "DOGS AND BITCHES", IS STANDING BETWEEN HIM AND THEM. 000000000