Date: 5/11/2006

Comment /////// Thank you for the evening news from an impressive outdoor venue in London.////// On 7 July last the British were really shocked like new born babies when they discovered the HOME GROWN terrorists of PAKISTANI origin. ////// Of all the people on earth it is they who ought to know best about the very origin of PAKISTAN. /////// All its founders and "fathers" were born in India. Yet they sliced up the land of their birth into three fragments that delivered not just 52 but at least TWO MILLION citizens of India to DEATH. /////// The tragedy is that this number of KILLS was achieved by them even before the British rule finally ended in India on August 15, 1947. The sole responsibility of encouraging and appeasing the Muslim Monster of Extremism in the Indian colony rests with the LABOUR Government of the time led by Mr Clement Attlee. ////// Thus the British authorities, editors, media people, civil servants and above all LABOUR Party officials ought to have shown at least some knowledge of the "BEAST" that is ISLAM that feeds itself on the ideological FIRES provided by KORAN. /////// The BELIEF in Koran must make a MUSLIM believe in two mutually incompatible kinds of humans, BELIEVERS and INFIDELS who cannot co-exist in peace together.///////// While the Hindus are eternally condemned by Koran to CONVERSION OR DEATH, the outlook on the Christians differs from season to season, land to land.////// However, by close observation a rule of thumb emerges. If the ambient climate is manly and virile and capable of massive retaliation, the Muslims will lie low, mind their own business and go about their lives like good citizens./////// Should there be weakness in the environment, daggers will come out. The Hindus, being a weak mass of POWER VACUUM, are losing countless men, women and daughters on regular basis to Islam. Only the other day 35 Hindus were lined up and shot dead in South Kashmir. There was no reaction, leave aside retaliation, on the part of the lifeless, gutless, secular, neutral, non aligned and non committed Hindus. There was NO discussion in Parliament. NO media men like Channel 4 went to the scene and no minister resigned. The Muslims will strike again. They will keep on slaughtering the Hindus. /////// Indian Hindus live and move about like a flock of sheep exposed to full view of the wolves who like to feed on the soft Hindu flesh. They get away with their kill since the Hindus do not carry guns. /////// For the British public Islam may be a new comer but Islam has existed on this earth for 14 centuries, and along its path it has traversed and overwhelmed many a gentle society, some more polished, gentle, educated and civilised that today's Britain. /////// You asked the two Muslims, "How did the Muslim youth become radicalised?" They pointed to radical preachers. But that is a DIVERSIONARY TACTIC. The real culprit is the KORAN, the Book that God dictated./////// Please do not obscure or cover up the real volcano that spews molten ideological lava, the Koran. It inspires the Muslims of Pakistan to link up with those in Chechnya, the Muslims of Malaysia to link up with those of Iran, those in Afghanistan to the ones in Kashmir and the whole lot to the Palestinians who wish to push the tiny Jewish State into the sea while overlooking their own kills from Morocco to Indonesia. //////// Pakistan that was surrendered by Britain to Islam unconditionally can easily support all the Palestinians just as India was forced to take in FIFTEEN MILLION non Muslim refugees from Pakistan in 1947. /////// In the enslaved and bleeding Hindu India, the natives had realised something before the British arrived./////// To overwhelm the violent Muslim Mujahideen, dare devil suicide bombers and beastly hard bitten fanatics, one of their leaders created a new FORCE in North West India. /////// He ordered them to dare to ride a horse, carry a weapon and wear big black turbans like the Taliban, to DEFY them. When these warriors became look alikes of the brutal ruling tyrants, the natives could ensure peace in their land. That was the Punjab that the British won from the Sikhs in 1849 AD. //////// The lesson is extremely valuable. It is that the youth in this well educated, soft, gentle, tolerant and highly civilised country (Britain and elsewhere in Europe) will soon have to be "look alikes" of these Islamic terrorists in order to put them in their place. //////// This remedy may shock an average smug Briton but how else does one deal with Islam unless one buckles down before every demand, conclude peace with Iran, allow Iran to make nuclear bombs, allow Muslim females to attend school in Burqa, declare cease fire in Iraq, help them wipe out Israel, spend extra billions to build toilets in Bangladesh, feed every starving Muslim on earth, educate them all to degree level, ensure all have jobs and comfortable homes to live in, and finally create Paradise on Earth by encouraging all the virgins to wed a Muslim. ///////// The appeasement process is already in full gear. You interviewed those two MUSLIMS including one MP to tell the world, "Here is a separate community that merits all the media attention." In reality they have to be consigned to oblivion by the media in the UNITED Kingdom whose unity cannot now be long guaranteed with the Muslims "testing waters" and increasing rapidly in numbers through multiple marriages, over reproduction and one-way conversion./////// The British tax payer will be paying BILLIONS on security, Intelligence, additional staff, translators, liaison personnel, publicity materials, special education and training courses aimed at Muslims, especially females, and preventive measures simply because we have an INDIGESTIBLE rock called the Muslims in our midst, thanks to liberal IMMIGRATION policies of this Labour Government whose obsession with human rights invites them all to come here, even from ISLAMIC republics that have KORAN as Constitution. //////// It should be them who should foot the bill now and carry the can, NOT the ordinary British citizen who never wanted even one of them on these shores in the first place./////// Obviously to me (Pandit Nehru's) "CONGRESS is INDIA" over there and (Tony Blair's) "LABOUR IS ENGLAND" over here. /////// Thanks to Congress there we saw PAKISTAN come out of India. Thanks to Labour here, we had July 7 and MORE TO COME (and more innocent Britons to die). /////// 000000000