Date: 5/12/2006


SHE HELD A LUCRATIVE APPOINTMENT WHILE BEING A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.////// HINDU SLAVES LICK THE ITALIAN IMPORT OF BOFORS CHOR RAJIV KHAN.///// =============///// Gandhi victory ////// But the party is celebrating after the massive win of its president Sonia Gandhi in the parliamentary constituency of Rae Bareilly, which is a family stronghold and was once represented by the former Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi. ////// Sonia Gandhi won comfortably in Rae Bareilly ////// Mrs Gandhi won the seat by a margin of 417,000 votes over her nearest rival - her margin in the 2004 parliamentary election was 250,000. ////// "It is the people of Rae Bareilly who have contributed to this victory," her son, Rahul, told journalists in the northern Indian town. ////// She quit parliament in March, following a controversy over her role as head of the National Advisory Council, a state-funded body set up to advise the current government. ////// Under Indian law, MPs may not gain financially from other public posts. ////// 000000000