Date: 5/15/2006


Islamic Terror: Minor Hindu Girl Raped and burnt by Muslims ////////// On 2nd May 2006, a group of Four Islamic Fundamentalists raped and brutally killed a 13 year old Minor Hindu girl. The incident took place in Loni Village of Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh. The girl named Pooja d/o veer chand POOJA from a S.C. community and from poor background. Her parents are labourers and used to do labour work for living. On that day Pooja was playing with her friends when this four Muslims residing in the nearby colony took her to a nearby village on some pretex. The accused ////////// 1. VILANE @ KALLU s/o HASHRAT ALI,/////// 2. NAZIM s/o NASEEM/////// 3. SHARBAT s/o SHAUKAT///////// 4. HASHMAT @ BAHADUR s/o Unkown(N/A)///////// kept her in a isolated room and continuously raped her for three days. After which the Girl was brutally killed and was burned down by the Islamic Miscreants. Her parents had no trace about their daughter and finally they made a complaint at the Loni Police Station. During investigation the police learnt that Pooja was last seen with 4 accused as they were escortin her to the next village. ///////// After its investigation, the police learnt that the 4 youths had Raped and brutally killed Pooja. Without even making any arrest the police department closed the case as there was pressure from the Local Congress and Samajwadi leaders. The Girls parents were paid Rs.60,000 from the Accussed Parents.//////// The parents refused to accept the money and said that they are being threathend by the Local Muslim Politicians to remain quite or threathened to get implicated in some case. Pooja's father Veer Chand said that all these accused are from Criminal background and have terrorised all the Villages in the nearby area.These people have strong links with Politicians and Noted criminals from Pakistan. Even local Police & Leaders of CONGRESS AND SAMAJWADI PARTY are favouring these four accused and their family. ////////// When this incident was bought to the notice of Rashtriya Hindu Sena workers In Delhi all the leaders and workers left to Loni village immediately to avenge the death of Poooja, As soon as the news spread, Village Criminals came out in huge numbers and pelted stones and bottles at Rashtriya Hindu Sena workers. Around 22 Wokers have been injured and the Police refused to book any case against the Miscreants. /////////// Till today no FIR has been lodged in this village against the four Accused and no action is taken against Miscreats who supported the Accussed./////////// Where are the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, MINORITY COMMISSION, CHILD WELFARE COMMISSION WOMENS COMMSSION. ////////// I AM SURE THEY WILL NOT INTERFERE IN THIS CASE, BECAUSE HERE THE VICTIM IS A DALIT HINDU AND THE ACCUSED ARE MUSLIM TERRORISTS. WE UNDERSTAND THE COMPULSIONS OF THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA. AS PER SECULARISM RULES THIS IS PERMITTED //////// CONSTITUION OF INDIA: JUSTICE FOR ALL : HAA HAA HAA HAAA HAA HAA HAA HAA //////// MERA BHARATH MAHAAN : RAPING AND KILLING A DALIT HINDU IS TRUE NEHRU SECULARISM///////// DANCE OF DEMOCRACY : "NANGA NAACH" (TIMES OF INDIA)//////// 000000000