Date: 5/15/2006


** Muslim hardship under spotlight **//////// Many Muslims in England face bleak employment prospects and poor housing standards, a report finds.//////// < http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/1/hi/uk/4771233.stm >/////// =============================//////// IMPLICATIONS:///////// Now more funds and national resources will have to be pumped into the deep social "CESSPIT" called the NATIVE "Islamic community" in order to bring them up to the European standard and way of life.//////// Since millions more will be arriving from the starving, feud-ridden, corrupt and mismanaged ISLAMIC WORLD, the government of the United Kingdom will be taxing the citizens more and more in order to bring these primitive "savages" (some ex Taliban) in line with modern Europe.//////// In the process, the increased taxation will bend or break the back of those who are already living here.//////// Instead of eradicating all the ISLAMIC dictatorships, or sending the bill for their feeding, education, housing and medical care to the countries of origin, the governments in Europe are making life harder for their own citizens by putting the burden of feeding the Fifth Column on them. //////// Strange denial, at home, of the demographic Islamic "time bomb". ///////// There is a strange rumour rampant in Partitioned INDIA. This is called the "Muslim Understanding"://///// "Lie low. Increase your numbers. Assiduously maintain your separate Islamic identity. In the end all the Hindu wealth (and daughters) WILL BE YOURS- in Delhi as in Lahore."//////// We need to watch out before they mention London, too. /////// Britain has a new kind of immigrants. The public have the right to know./////// ===========/////// NB: PEOPLE, WHO WILL BE VICTIMS OF SUDDEN ISLAMIC ONSLAUGHT TOMORROW, MUST KNOW THE RATE OF DISPROPORTIONATE INCREASE IN MUSLIM NUMBERS AMONG THEM.//////000000000