India landmine attack 'kills 12'

Date: 5/16/2006


It is not only goondah government but the ENEMY is in charge of Bharat. /////// The President is a PAKISTANI (by "Act of Partition" which we don't want to see) and the First Lady of Hindusthan is an ITALIAN whose grandfather marched off under Mussolini's flag to "conquer the world." Sonia KHAN (aka Gandhi) is his reincarnation in our Bharat./////// The Supreme Commander, who is meant to seal the borders against infiltrators, is a MUSLIM. He is keeping the armed forces in "wool" or sends them to obtain a cease fire, not an outright resounding victory worth celebrating. EAST Pakistan that the Indian armed forces captured in 1972 (and returned to Islam but NOT brought under Secularism) is now deadlier enemy of India than ever./////// The intimidated brainwashed Hindus have DEGENERATED into a "goat" that is passively watching the two mighty jaws of MOHAMMEDAN Crocodile (Pakistan and Bogusdesh) closing on it. /////// One can also clearly see the Hindus PINNED DOWN under the co-ordinated hammer of FIFTH COLUMN of Sonia and Kalam, petrified in terror like the PIGEON that closes its eyes as the cat approaches to make a meal of it. Hindu has already became the meal of this CAT in West Punjab, East Bengal and even in Kashmir. The remaining body is under severe and relentless concerted ATTACK. /////// It is the greatest irony of history that the VICTIM does not see his KILLER. It is like the doomed JEWS who were getting on the trains enthusiastically, hoping to be resettled somewhere safer "for their own good". In reality their destinations were BUCHENWALD, DACHAU and AUSCHWITZ. The Hindus' destination is no different but PYRES, or the "dog collar" of Mohammed and Pope. Many have already forsaken their NATIVE gods and gurus and converted to FOREIGN Faiths, and are spiritually DEGRADED on their own territory.//////// When Pakistan was created all the Hindus on the other side were seen like the SHEEP IN AN ABATTOIR. The slaughter that followed is not acknowledged by Hindu LEADERS who say, "Pakistan is history" in order to appease the enemy and accommodate Abdul Kalam. //////// There is NO more degraded Sikh on earth than MANMOHAN SINGH. He did not get his mandate decently and honourably from the HINDU NATION but from a semi literate ITALIAN brat (the worthless import of LOAFER RAJIV, the "BOFORS CHOR"), who refused the top executive post, fearing her own assassination. The Hindu nation is still beholden to this treacherous ITALIAN female, like orphans, for leadership, guidance and spiritual inspiration. //////// What kind of Hindu LEADERS do we have if none can look at PARTITION, the two million slaughtered in 1947, the return of East Pakistan to the Muslim butchers after its capture, and the broken bleeding borders of Bengal, Assam, Punjab and KASHMIR? //////// Hindu LEADERS are like the mice in rain, seeking shelter under the skirt of SONIA who in turn feels safe under the "Sword of Abdul Kalam".//////// Our LEADERS have not educated the nation on the deeds of our brave ancestors who fought for survival on their own territory for centuries. Our masses have still not attained freedom in our own country nor raised the BHAGWA flag over Rashtrapati Bhawan. ///////// Neither the FLAG has a Hindu symbol on it, nor the VIDHAN has the word "HINDU" in it. SHAME on these offspring of sheep and goats. If they are the LEADERS, then even God cannot help the Hindus. //////// There is another PRESIDENT on earth. Today President George Bush is tackling the problem of illegal immigrants from Mexico. His forces are in Iraq and Afghanistan, crushing the ENEMY'S HEAD on the other side of globe. Abdul Kalam's soldiers are not seen even in SOUTH Kashmir. //////// Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam did not resign on hearing of the massacre of 36 innocent Hindus the other day. The TRAITOR is secretly sharing his joy with SONIA KHAN over the ongoing decimation and DEMORALISATION of Hindus. A self respecting nation would have put KALAM in dungeon and packed off Sonia to ITALY. ///////// Not one Hindu State in this decomposing Hindusthan, some like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu larger than Germany, UK and France, has yet raised its flag of sovereignty like East Bengal, defying the "mongrel" Tricolour of Nehru and his Party. (NB: It is the old Congress flag with "charkha" replaced by Ashoka Lions. Independent India needs an entirely new flag of her own.) //////// Why do the Hindus LOVE SLAVERY UNDER FOREIGNERS? Centuries of slavery have given us a mindset that is moulded by terror. The present political set up in Bharat is the reflection (and product) of this mindset. It is gradually pushing the unsuspecting Hindus to increasing chaos, mounting frustration, eruption of violence, communal riots, breakdown of law and order, and selected assassinations all over till the POPE and MOHAMMED finally fight it out between them for the passive coolie colony called "Hindusthan". ////////// ===================/////// In a message dated 16/05/2006 07:54:26 GMT Daylight Time, writes:////// What a crying shame that the impotant goonda govt is incapable of protecting the lives of its citizens. And while this govt can't even deal with the Maoists, we expect this same govt to drive out the jihadies from Kashmir?//////// Just who is minding the store in India?////// ============================================/////// India landmine attack 'kills 12' //////// Twelve people including four women have been killed in central India after the vehicle they were travelling in was blown up in a landmine blast. /////// Maoist rebels are suspected of carrying out the attack which took place in a village in Maharashtra state. /////// The victims were part of a group that had attended a wedding there and were returning to their village in the neighbouring state of Chhattisgarh. /////// Maoist rebels have stepped up attacks in many Indian states in recent months. //////// It is still not clear how many were injured in the blast which took place in the early hours of Tuesday, according to the police. //////////// Stronghold /////// Gadchiroli, the scene of the attack, is adjacent to Chhattisgarh's Bastar region which is said to be a stronghold of the Maoist rebels. /////// The rebels are active in six Indian states and say they are fighting for the rights of landless peasants and indigenous peoples. ////// Thousands have died in Maoist campaigns across central and southern India in the past 30 years. ////// The Indian government believes that there may be 10,000 armed Maoist rebels in India, correspondents say. //////// 000000000