Date: 5/24/2006


1. The whole world accepted EAST BENGAL'S liberation from decomposing Hindustan in 1947 and its sovereignty once again in 1972, and even her new name BANGLADESH when the people went their own way. "Khalistan" does not sound bad. //////// East Bengal has her MAN AT UNO. Sitting in one chair he can speak to the whole world. Its internal affairs are sovereign of SONIA KHAN / ABDUL KALAM NEXUS. //////// Their impoverished mothers say, "Children we shall eat dry bread but go for independence. That means DIGNITY and HONOUR." /////// They also know that while "Qudrat de sab bandeh," some are wolves and some sheep as we saw in LAHORE in 1947. //////// They are not FOOLS to bring Holy Scriptures into Politics. & Ideology. Indian passport holder Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who inflicted a crushing defeat on India, put his Koran aside and disembowelled (and mutilated) his own land of birth in 1947. The Indians call it the "Year of Independence". There is NO ill will against Pakistan in Lok Sabha now. //////// 2. The world also accepts the sovereignty of EAST TIMUR from Indonesia since the PEOPLE of that tiny country were united for freedom from "big brother" Indonesia. They are CATHOLIC and Masters are MUSLIM. The slaves could not stand the masters reading Koran, with the record of beheading holy men like Guru Tegh Bahadur ji. But we don't care. Do we? Any Tom, Khan and Sonia can be our Master or Mistress. /////// 3. The world could do NOTHING when Turkey invaded Cypress and gave fellow Turks independence in 1974. Northern Cypress was happy to say "Good bye" to Greece. Pakistan, too, invaded Kashmir to give freedom to fellow Muslims. India can do NOTHING to liberate North Kashmir that she claims to be her own. Most of us are happy to go on living in such a disgusting, degraded, humiliated, decomposing and stinking country. //////// 4. The world will not object or intervene if all the voters in QUEBEC, WALES or SCOTLAND want Independence. There will be no military attack or police action to kill and crush the voters. Force is used in countries ruled by barbarians and where people are at the level of cattle. The world does not lift a finger to save even one slave on earth. It did NOTHING when India broke up into three fragments in 1947, scattering tens of millions across the globe. Most NRI's are replica of gypsies who fled Western India when Mahmud of Ghazni terrorised Hindustan. Today that Ghazni is under American guns and tanks with NO Hindu in sight. They all PERISHED in Hindu Kush (lit. "Massacre of Hindus").. //////// 5. NOW MONTENEGRO. A tiny part of Serbia with just HALF A MILLION people has raised the flag of independence. The world accepts their decision with a smile. The European Union wishes them best of luck and will finance new development. READ ON: //////// EU Offers Closer Ties to Montenegro /////// The European Union has recognized the outcome of Montenegro's referendum and offered closer ties to the soon-to-be independent country. But it's still a long way before Montenegro can actually join the EU. //////// Serbia to respect Montenegro result//////// Serbian President Boris Tadic says he accepts the results of Montenegro's referendum, in which it voted for independence from Serbia. Tadic told a news conference in Belgrade that he recognised the free will of the Montenegrin citizens. Earlier, the European Commission said it would negotiate closer ties with Montenegro.//////// European Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said that the EU would prepare a proposal for negotiating a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with an independent Montenegro. Official results from the referendum confirmed that Montenegro voted 55.5 percent in favour of breaking from its union with Serbia. That was just above the required margin of victory. //////// Montenegro 13,938 sq km/////// Capital: Podgorica (Montenegro)////// We Sikhs should visit that TINIEST OF TINY countries to see why people prefer freedom to slavery. //////// =============================/////// 000000000