Date: 6/1/2006


MUSLIM MEDIA is equally devious and DECEPTIVE as their rank and file.//////// Imran Khan was a "MUSLIM" cricket champion and Mohammed Ali was a "MUSLIM" boxer, but those who battered the police in Birmingham and Bradford riots were "ASIAN". (That's how the BBC and the other media here reported repeatedly.)//////// =======/////// In a message dated 31/05/2006 15:57:47 GMT Daylight Time, writes://///// Hmm… interesting how the "three German women" are labeled as "German" and not Muslim! /////// The Islamic media conveniently makes this switch to convey the intended message. Now, had these same” three German women" discovered a cure for AIDS or received a Nobel, they would be reported as "three German Muslim women". No doubt about that. ///////// One sees the same pattern in the UK & France where the knee jerk response by the Muslim is always based on a fine tuned opportunistic and deceptive intuition. One of the most laughable headlines that the DAWN (a mass circulation daily from Karachi) carried recently was “Briton arrested in connection with Al Qaeda”…needless to say, this “Briton” turned out to be a Mohammad Qureshi or Jamil Sheikh of Pakistani origin. ///////// The Indian Muslims too are very clever with such PR opportunities. They switch their identities from "Muslim" to "Indian" in a jiffy whenever and wherever suitable. //////// For example, following the 9/11 carnage, when two Muslim suspects were nabbed in Texas, they quickly identified themselves to be INDIAN. Thus, the next day's headlines read something like "Two from India arrested in connection with the WTC attacks" (On Sept 12th 2001 two Indian men, Mohamed Jaweed Azmath and Syed Gul Mohamed Shah (also known as Ayub Ali Khan) were detained as part of the investigation into the terrorist attacks of Sept 11th. Their charges were eventually changed to credit card fraud.) However, the damage was already done. //////// Within India too, the narcissist Indian Muslim will openly flaunt his Islamic faith to switch from being a victim of a fictitious attack by Hindu extremists or communalists solely for the sheer pleasure of screwing the kafirs. //////// ///////// Three German women suspected of plotting suicide attacks held BERLIN, May 31, 2006 (AFP) Three German women who converted to Islam have been apprehended in Germany for expressing the desire in Internet chat-rooms to stage suicide attacks in Iraq or Pakistan, local media reported Wednesday. The daily Der Tagesspiegel quoted a high-ranking security expert as saying that German authorities had managed in recent weeks to stop the women from leaving the country. It said that two of the women planned to take their babies with them on suicide missions in Pakistan or against US troops in Iraq. The women in their late 20s to 40s became radicalized under the influence of their extremist spouses and in repeated visits to ‘radical’ chatrooms, the expert was quoted as saying. Investigators are reportedly probing whether the women had contact with the Iraqi extremist organization Ansar al-Islam.(Posted @ 16:00 PST) ///////// 000000000