jemima goldsmith ESCAPED.

Date: 6/2/2006


JEMIMA’S REJECTION OF KHAN & ISLAM. //////// Many readers will recall the cricket star IMRAN KHAN who seduced and married a billionaire’s daughter named JEMIMA GOLDSMITH in 1995. //////// Fearing public opinion back home prior to his wedding, he announced to the whole world, “Jemima has embraced Islam out of her deep love of Mohammed, Islam and Urdu.” He further added, “She is keenly learning Arabic to read the Koran.” That made all the so-called “public opinion” in his Pakistan SHUT UP. It did occur to me that had the Musalman been a gentleman, Imran would have announced, "In true love and regard for my young & beautiful bride's and her parents' feelings, I have embraced Judaism, her religion." /////// The announcement that came from him, not from her, satisfied the savages and terrorists of the ISLAMIC Republic who boasted, “Our Imran is not like the Gandhian "Goat" Rajiv of Bharat who became a Catholic just before marrying a poor Italian’s daughter Sonia Maino. //////// While Sonia came from an impoverished family in Italy and her parents lived in a poor house in a village in Italy Jemima’s billionaire father owned rich businesses, helicopters, private aeroplanes, villaa in France and mansions in London. //////// What Imran did after converting her to Islam was to give her two children to keep her tethered to his Islamic territory. But Jemima had grown up a free girl, studied and lived in England and came to hate the crude and repressive Islamic way of life after seeing it first hand in NWFP where Taliban beat up women in the open. //////// There were rumours of stress in marriage. She moved back to London with her boys and ultimately divorced KHAN (2004). //////// As we know many an inferiority complex ridden low down Mussalmaan in sub continent, hammered by slavery for centuries, imagines his desent from the great Khans of Mongolia like Jengiz Khan. //////// Likewise Imam BUKHARI of Jama Masjid in Delhi imagines that his great grand father was a conquering invader from Central Asia who subjugated the Hindus to live on his loot and plunder. Such false pretences and bogus beliefs proved too much for the Indian MUSLIM scum that they demanded separate homeland (Pakistan) in 1947. Hindu LEADERS of that year, most of them barristers-at-law from London, did not retaliate to SMASH the rebellious Muslim Head then and there, thus providing more wind in the sails of this Islamic Fifth Column in Bharat. ///////// I was following Jemima Khan’s story with interest. For a long time she vanished from my view till yesterday. ///////// In the “Daily Express”, London, dated May 31, 2006, on page 3 we read: //////// (Quote) Hugh Grant, 45, and Jemima Khan, 32, (She is stuck to the surname “Khan” for life! Only our devious INDIRA NEHRU could do the hat trick by changing "Khan" to "Gandhi" promptly after marrying Feroze Khan of Allahabad) patched things up during a romantic two-night break in Venice. The pair were spotted in a loving clinch on the balcony of the luxury Hotel Bauer. ///////// They were later seen enjoying a romantic cruise around the city. Only a few weeks ago, the couple’s relationship was said to be on the rocks, with Jemima alleged to be tiring of his inability to commit and frustration at their separation with his filming commitments in America. ///////// But the pair recently vowed to friends that they would patch up their two-year relationship. //////// Rumours have even been rife that the notorious bachelor may finally be ready to settle down after Jemima spent £18 million of her inheritance on a nine-bed-room villa in Chelsea, London.” (Unquote) //////// One could say that although the Pakistanis relished the idea of Khan’s subjugating a Jew’s daughter, in the end they must feel frustrated and angry that Imran could not keep his Muslim wife in Islamic cage. She has escaped “Mohammed, Urdu, Arabic, Halal, and Koran”. ///////// HINDU girls across the SUBMERGED India (Pakistan) and FLOATING India (Bharat), from Sindh to East Bengal, going about under the name of "Mrs KHAN" could also break their shackles and breathe fee and fresh air, and attain their deliverance from the crude and uncivilised SCUM claiming ancestry to the Khans of Mongolia or the Bukharis of Uzbekistan, that is, freedom from “beef, Urdu, “HUQQA” and namaz”. ////////// The fish called “Jemima” has escaped the “Predator from Pakistan” and is back in her own cool English waters. /////////// Well done, Jemima, daughter of an honourable Jewish father. /////// ============== 000000000