Date: 6/6/2006


Pre - 1984////////// I was merely a little girl then,////// I lived far away from Punjab////// I read the biased news about my people in your papers////// I grew up believing we were wrong.////// //// In your text books O India//////// Sikhi was just another stream off of your Noble Heritage Gone astray by militant philosophy of the tenth Guru And in present times it did not make sense. ///////// We grew up being ridiculed/////// By teachers, playmates and street goers////// Everyday fighting prejudice////// And being ashamed of our own selves./////// My parents were busy making ends meet////// They were the children of the 1947 displacement////// They had no time for sharing Sikh life and pride////// They lost it somewhere with all the socio-economic strife.////// So I grew up confused without an identity/////// With you telling how you did a favor on us refugees/////// I did not know about Sikh history and heritage/////// And its contribution to your freedom, power and existence.//////// But, we had a Sufi [1] worker at our business/////// He was so spiritual and had a sense of wisdom/////// I always found him longing to touch the feet of Guruís Sikhs/////// He always told me that Gur-Sikhi Jeevan[2] commanded utmost reverence. //////// His words ignited a spark in my soul somewhere////// The truth had to be found////// My parents had given me wings/////// It was time to dig the roots in the ground. //////// Then came 1984////// The news about several innocents being killed/////// In busses and trains of Punjab/////// Why did I know were setups and propaganda,////// To create a context for BlueStar[3]./////// When you stormed Harimander[4]//////// Hot month of June it was/////// Sangat[5] in tens of thousands had come to pay reverence////////// To the great Guru Arjan Shaheeda-de-Sirtaaj[6].///////// In pretext to disarm a few dozen men/////// You brought tanks, rocket launchers, heavy artillery and cannons//////// You entrapped thousands and cut off their supplies/////// And used poisonous gas to consume those innocents./////// You killed uncountable mothers, fathers and children/////// After you parched them with thirst,/////// You filled the sarovar[7] with the blood of thousands//////// And tried to patch up your acts by mass cremations./////// When Lion Bhindrawale[8] was declared found////// With hundreds of GurSikhs around/////// Something had ached my heart/////// For you it was the beginning of the end; for me it was just a start./////// Then came fake encounters[9]/////// I suspected things were not how they were shown////// But just a teenager I was////// With no access to the truth or cries////// of bereaving mothers in Punjab. ////// But You know what O cruel Brahmanvaad[10]/////// The ties of Guruís Kaum are very strong/////// Generations aways form Guruís land/////// But my blood and soul was always a Punjab.////// Then 30th of October came/////// Satwant & Beant[11] had done their share./////// You decided to teach 18 million of us another lesson/////// And issued the orders of Sikh massacre./////// Our house was set afire and a few relatives blazed,/////// Rape, torture and death we had barely escaped./////// With days of hiding, uncertainty and gloom ahead/////// The spirit was still Guruís; it couldnít be scared./////// When the sad news poured in from all directions,//////// O India you had opened our eyes to the Sikhi connection./////// We were connected, we were made one;/////// Punjab or outside any place in the world.//////// That awakening had finally taken place/////// That feeling was invaluable, that discovery priceless.//////// As you unveiled your centuriesí long hatred/////// And unleashed your long held wrath!/////// It was a blessing in disguise, Iíll tell you//////// And finally everything had made sense./////// It was our identity you loathed///////// It was our sovereignty and strength that you despised//////// It was our magnanimity that you thrived on//////// It was our subjugated loyalty that you desired.//////// When those fearless souls revealed the truth//////// And masses pledged to stand up for their nation//////// You feared losing your strength and position//////// And planned this brutal retaliation.///////// The spark had turned into a flame//////// To be a Sikh was no longer a shame//////// I knew we were not one of you///////// And standing up for equality, liberty and justice would never please you.///////// You finally dug your own grave///////// Your cover-ups and false promises will bear no fruits//////// My parents had given me the wings//////// But Thank You India; You put me in touch with my roots.///////// June, 2006///////// I am a parent of a pre teen now///////// And the flame is a full grown fire////// That fire; it also burns in his heart////// And that to you is the start of my 1984ís answer./////// The fire now burns with full vigor////// It will consume me lest I take an action////// Hence I will not sit quiet////// I pledge to turn it into a revolution.///// I brought him up telling stories about his heritage////// About your betrayal, your intentions and your treacheries////// I am not alone; thousands of Mothers there are////// That dedicated their lives to this purpose.////// I will not let him down; in grounding him to his roots.//////// Not one day has passed since he was born/////// That I didnít tell him a story of Sikh pride/////// Of Khalsa Nation and its sacrifice.////// This is my revenge O India/////// I will never forget and forgive you/////// I will raise many such more daughters and sons/////// They will never let your cruel intentions come true./////// They will walk tall; They will be in your face//////// Proving we survived against all odds/////// They will not demolish themselves ashamed by your lies/////// But will stand eternally in Guruís grace.//////// We will be a strong Nation, We will be sovereign///////// You cannot stop us, The game has just begin.//////// For you see,/////// We are the people of our own destiny, of spirit and of freedom We have wings we roam everywhere,//////// But,/////// We also have roots in truth and perfection.////// We have roots only in truth and perfection.///// From The Section /////// The Mother Of All Virtues /////// The Light of Guru Granth in a Pluralistic World /////// Great Leap of Faith ? 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