Date: 6/10/2006


When the MAJORITY COMMUNITY (Hindus) FLED the scene in 1947, the Sikhs vanished from West Punjab. Within weeks after that North Kashmir, too, disappeared from the map of India. So let us look closely at the Hindus who were SUPPOSED to be the defenders of their DAUGHTERS, TEMPLES and TERRITORY. :///////// HINDU INDIVIDUALLY VS. HINDUS COLLECTIVELY/////// History, climate and geography have evolved an inferior human breed, or specie, on earth: THE HINDUS. /////// The process has lasted CENTURIES. Hindus have been slaves for centuries in South Asia and Latin America. They still do not have their own country that they could call “HINDU RASHTRA”. This DREAM has more enemies among the Hindus themselves than among MUSLIMS. //////// In the same way while EAST BENGAL went ISLAMIC six decades ago, and ONCE AGAIN in 1972, EAST PUNJAB, despite her TEN GURUS, is still crawling in the “mud of secularism & degradation” despite surrendering Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi to MANLY MOHAMMED. THE DAMN FOOLS DO NOT EVEN HAVE A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE! /////// IN "PRAISE" OF HINDUS:////// Individually, a Hindu is a great scholar, a specialist, a revered holy man, a loving fathere, a caring husband (“PATI PRAMESHWAR” to his wife!) mahatma, a guruji, a saint, a great thinker and philosopher, a millionaire and a billionaire, a fine orator, a fine actor, a famous doctor, a famous surgeon, a charismatic personality, the best servant EVERYWHERE but a hopeless leader ANYWHERE. /////// RASUL ALLAH HIMSELF HAS SUMMED IT FOR US AND HERE IS THE “AAYAT” THAT DID NOT GET INTO HIS HOLY KORAN: “COLLECTIVELY, when it comes to POLITICS, SELF ESTEEM, DEFENCE and DIGNITY, the HINDUS ARE THE BIGGEST “SHIT” ON EARTH.” We, the humble "grains of sand" before God, must know that He does not have to be "politically correct" to watch his language. /////// Hindus do not mind the biggest defeat and surrender in history called PARTITION, the unconditional surrender of LAHORE, KARACHI and DHAKA, their EXTERMINATION in PAKISTAN, ISLAMIC FLAG flying over Kashmir, ITALIAN BORN BRAT REGARDED “MOTHER OF NATION”, A MUSLIM PRESIDENT (DESPITE CONCEDING A SEPARATE HOMELAND TO THE INDIAN MUSLIMS IN 1947), and the desecrated birth places of SRI KRISHNA (MATHURA) and SRI RAM (AYODHYA) WHERE ONCE GRAND TEMPLES STOOD. /////// Even if they were to “mind” the MUSLIM Supreme Commander and an ITALIAN “WHITE ELEPHANT”, who degrades all their native Hindu females and religion DAY AND NIGHT, sitting in the front row in PARLIAMENT, they can do “F*CK ALL” about it. ////// So, salute an INDIVIDUAL Hindu but SPIT ON THEIR COLLECTIVE BODY that is already MUTILATED and DECOMPOSING, given that PAKISTAN is the left leg and BOGUSDESH (BANGLADESH) the right arm of real INDIA (HINDU BODY). /////// A HINDU NEITHER RELATES TO TERRITORY NOR TO HIS OWN KIND (FELLOW HINDU). The loss of one third of TERRITORY did not make a dent in Hindu orientation nor do the HINDU REFUGEES from SOUTH KASHMIR, while those in NORTH were exterminated within weeks in 1947. None has recorded their names, gender and manner of murder, abduction and rape. /////// CONTINUOUS SLAUGHTER AND HUNT OF HINDUS HAS MADE THEM AS RARE IN KASHMIR AS THE TIGERS ELSEWHERE. /////// (NB: THE LONE “SMART ALEC” HINDU WHO MIGHT “NOTICE” THE SLUR (ABUSE) OR INSINUATION (INSULT) HERE OUGHT TO FIRST NOTICE HIS STATUS (INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE) IN LAHORE AND AYODHYA.) /////// WAY UP, OR WAY OUT? //////// LOOK AT THE LACK OF PERFORMANCE OF HINDUS OVER THE LAST 1,000 YEARS AND DO YOUR OWN PREDICTION. /////// IN 1192 THE EMPEROR OF HINDUSTAN WAS HINDU, PRITHVI RAJ CHOHAN. TODAY THE MUSAL-“MAN” OCCUPYING HIS THRONE IS MOHAMMEDAN ABDUL KALAM. //////// IS IT WORTH THE BOTHER TO LOOK AT THE FRONTIERS OF THAT HINDU EMPIRE IN 1192 AND COMPARE THEM TO TODAY’S DISGUSTING MAP OUTLINE? //////// IN THAT YEAR ALL THE ENEMIES WERE TO THE WEST. THERE WAS NOT ONE “MUSLA” WITHIN. /////// TODAY THE ENEMY IS CONVERGING ON "PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULASR STATE" (P.I.S.S.) FROM ALL DIRECTIONS, FROM THE NORTH, THE SOUTH, THE EAST AND THE WEST, AND FROM WITHIN. //////// PLEASE DO SHARE YOUR PREDICTIONS ABOUT THE HINDUS IN A HUNDRED YEARS' TIME WITH THE WRITER BY POSTING ON THIS FREE, DEMOCRATIC AND OPEN WEB PAGE. //////// Neither his Rashtrapati (ABDUL KALAM) nor his Rashtramata (SONIA “BOFORS CHOR” KHAN) will grant such FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION to the SUPPRESSED & SMASHED Hindu slaves. But how many will avail of this golden opportunity and WRITE IN? //////// 10/06/2006 (9 June 2006).////// ==================////// 000000000