Date: 6/16/2006


ONE BILLION HINDUS HAVE ONLY ONE AIM IN LIFE, HOW TO DEMONSTRATE THEIR UTMOST LOYALTY TO THEIR MASTERS, SONIA "FROM ITALY" AND ABDUL KALAM "FROM ARABIA". ////// THE FORMER IS THE WORTHLESS IMPORT BY RAJIV KHAN, THE BOFORS THIEF, AND THE LATTER IS CONDUSED OVER HIS OWN POLITICAL STATUS IN HINDUSTAN SINCE THE PARTITION OF INDIA BETWEEN THE VICTORIOUS MUSLIMS AND THE DEFEATED/SMASHED HINDUS. /////// TECHNICALLY ONE IS A CRUSADER AND THE OTHER A PAKISTANI.////////IN THE "MONKEY CIRCUS" CALLED PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (PISS) THE REAL VICTIMS MUST BE THE SIKH MINORITY IN EAST PUNJAB WHO CAN ONLY ENVY EAST BENGAL FOR HER SOVEREIGNTY AND NORTH KASHMIR FOR HER FREEDOM FROM DECOMCOSING INDIA AND THE BASHED AND SMASHED HINDUS./////////// Victims of Operation Bluestar seek compensation from Centre/////// Tribune News Service//////// The Bluestar Tenants Merchants Sufferers Association urged the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Kirandeep Singh Bhullar, here recently for compensation from the Centre. //////// Mr Mohan Singh Gandhi, General Secretary, talking to The Tribune, said in 22 years, they have not got any respite and were going through unjust sufferings, as their shops were “unduly” acquired by the government and included into the Golden Temple Complex. /////// He said although their shops were part of the Galiara Scheme (Phase I), they (133 shopkeepers) were yet to receive any compensation, as in the case of other shopkeepers who were affected by the beautification scheme of the Harmandir Sahib.//////// The dilemma of the Bluestar victims of 1984, whose shops were reduced to rubble for being in the direct line of fire of the Army operation, were the worst sufferers. ///////// As many as 133 shops, 15 godowns and nine stores, were enlisted to have been completely damaged during the operation. /////// None of these tenants and merchants was given alternative shops or compensation. //////// Hefty files of correspondence with the higher authorities carried by the association bear testimony to their sorry state. /////// Numerous meetings with Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers and Governors since then have provided no respite to their grievances./////// Most of these victims have reached their 70s, but life for them has stood still since that fateful day on June 6, 22 years back. Many are barely able to fend for their families today.//////// Two of the victims even committed suicide eight years ago back. /////////// 000000000