Date: 6/17/2006


WHEN DARK CLOUD OF MOHAMMED COVERED ONE THIRD OF INDIA LIKE DEADLY TSUNAMI IN 1947. ///////// I am working at almost break-neck speed to complete my book that is on the Partition of India from the Sindhi perspective. There are plenty of books in the international press about the Bengali and the Punjabi partitions but none of any merit about what really happened in Sind. I am collecting 100 first hand accounts of the Partition and have collected roughly 65 accounts so far. I need you to help me reach my target of 100 so that I can have the book in print before Divali. Even if the account is uninteresting, poorly written, is sketchy, don't worry about it, that's my job, let me do that job and beautify them. Please rush them to me by email or tape...I will be delighted.//////// Rush them so that u immortalise your near and dear ones thru the book...there will be a chapter for each person and there will be 100 chapters along with an introduction etc.//////// Lata Jagtiani/////// =======================//////// CONGRATULATIONS Lata ji,//////// You deserve our crushed nation's ETERNAL GRATITUDE for recording the sunset over Sindh in 1947.//////// It is not because as you say, "u immortalise your near and dear ones thru the book" but even more important to me because those who perished were not VERMIN OR INSECTS as Congress Party would have it. As a RULING Party it was their first and foremost duty to get such an account researched and published AT STATE EXPENSE. But these despicable "dogs" of HINDU scholars have been writing volumes on life and time of Gandhi, Nehru, INDIRA, RAJIV, Sonia and now even Rahul and Priyenka./////// You are going to HONOUR THE HINDU DEAD and your are going to bring home the PAIN of betraying motherland and you are going to expose the treacherous line by Bandit NEHRU who told the HOME GROWN TERRORISTS (Indian MUSLIMS), "You can have Lahore and Karachi BUT NOT SRINAGAR!"/////// May you have total success in your HISTORIC project. For this very idea and sentiment the quarterly "YOUNG INDIA" was published from 1989 till 2001, and then the website www.partitionofindia.com was started but due to lethargy or cowardice of the HINDUS, not many real personal experiences were received although out there some FIFTEEN MILLION Hindus and Sikhs must be alive who were affected by the PARTITION of Punjab, Kashmir and Bengal, and the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP. //////// We hope you have better luck and bigger success./////// 000000000