Date: 6/17/2006


ONGOING SLAUGHTER OF HINDUS WITH FULL CONNIVANCE OF INDIA'S SUPREME COMMANDER WHO IS A MOHAMMEDAN.//////// ALTHOUGH THE HINDUS ARE TARGETED AND KILLED IN KASHMIR ON DAILY BASIS, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND THE STATE GOVERNMENT HAVE BOTH FAILED TO GIVE PROTECTION TO THE HINDU CITIZENS AND PILGRIMS. ///////// COWARDLY MAJORITY COMMUNITY OF INDIA, THE HINDUS, THEMSELVES HAVE NO WISH TO DEFEND THEMSELVES OR TO SURVIVE. THEY ARE PERISHING LIKE VERMIN AND INSECTS ON THEIR OWN TERRITORY. ////// IN ONE YEAR (1947) THEY PERISHED IN FIVE PROVINCES AND YET THE DAMN FOOLS WILL CELEBRATE THAT AS THE YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE!/////// =================== /////// Valley bleeds in multiple hits /////// ///////// OUR BUREAU //////// A view of the blast site from a broken bus window. (PTI) June 12: Kashmir militants killed 14 people in attacks on pilgrims and migrant labourers today, continuing to target outsiders following the recent strikes on Bengal and Gujarat tourists. //////// An Amarnath pilgrim was killed and some 30 people, including many devotees bound for the cave shrine and Vaishnodevi temple, were injured by three grenades hurled at a bustling Jammu bus stand this morning.//////// Hours later, rebels gunned down eight labourers from Nepal and Bihar at Badroo village near Kulgam in south Kashmir?s Anantnag. Thousands of labourers from other states, mostly from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, are working in development projects across Kashmir, including the inland railway project. //////// Militant strikes have increased since the Prime Minister?s May 24 round-table in Srinagar, touted as a significant step towards normality, and intelligence agencies have warned of further escalation. //////// Sources said a lobby within Pakistan?s Inter Services Intelligence has resumed funding the Lashkar-e-Toiba and al-Badr, whose cash flow had reduced to a trickle amid the Indo-Pak peace moves and US pressure on Islamabad. /////// The bus station was teeming with people bound for Katra ? the base camp for the Vaishnodevi shrine ? or Srinagar on the way to Amarnath, when grenades hit the buses to Katra and Vaishnodevi around 7.30 am. Two of the injured are said to be critical. Among the wounded were Amarnath pilgrims Rekha Devi from Ahmedabad and Babli Paswan from Bihar. Devi said she was waiting to board the bus to Srinagar when she heard a ?deafening bang. Two other blasts took place in less than five seconds.? Six buses, some of them empty, were damaged.//////// The authorities promised to increase security for the Amarnath yatra, suspended for the second day because of snowfall in the upper Himalayas. ///////// Some 1,400 pilgrims stranded in freezing temperatures near the cave shrine, located at 3,880 metres, were evacuated to Baltel base camp. //////// 000000000