Date: 7/3/2006


Subject: Were American nuclear bombs act of terror?////// WHEN USA WAS ATTACKED BY JAPANESE AIRFORCE AT THE 'PEARL HARBOR'.....WHAT DID AMERICANS DO ???? /////// DIDN'T AMERICANS DEVELOP THE FIRST TWO WMDs AND DROP THEM ON THE MILLIONS OF INNOCENT JAPANESE, THUS KILLING & MAIMING MILLIONS OF THEM ???////// WAS THAT NOT AN ACT OF TERRORISM ??????????////// ANY ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION.....ANY BODY ?????///// =======================////// THE ANSWER:////// America is a democracy like India and is ON OUR SIDE. Today over a million Indians are living there happily. /////// But should an ISLAMIC devil use atom bombs, he will only be killing the NON MUSLIMS by the million. How many Indians are living happily in Bangladesh and Pakistan and North Kashmir? /////// That is the big difference. We should be on the safe secular side and make sure that America prevails, NOT THE JIHADIS.////// Those atom bombs saved the world for as it is today. Japanese and German victory then would have put the rest of the world under their jackboots. They were NO democracies.////// Israel is a democracy surrounded by rabid separatist INTOLERANT devils, the Jihadis. The Palestinian refugees could all be moved to homes in Pakistan vacated by millions of fleeing Hindus in 1947. ////// India has already lost one third of her secular territory to the "bastards" (1947). The eternally treacherous MUSLIMS chopped off the head (Kashmir), arm (Pakistan) and leg (Bangladesh) of their own land of birth in 1947. ////// We should be clear and united against the onslaught of dark Mohammedan forces that are covering the earth like the TSUMANI. //////// 000000000