Date: 7/6/2006


IMAM'S HATEFUL TALK HURTS HINDUS ////////////// A British imam, Shaykli Riyadh Ul Haq was slated to be key note speaker at the Youth Tarbiyah conference in the beginning of July 2006 for 2000 delegates in Scarborough, Canada. The British imam is known for his hard line views. In a speech posted online, Ul Haq says Jews and idolaters, who are mainly Hindus, are “the ones who are bitterest in their enmity towards Muslims” and that the only Muslims “considered moderates’ are those who openly advocate lesbianism, don’t believe in the segregation and feel no shame in recognizing Israel as Jewish state. He also says ‘we should follow in the footsteps of the Shahabad (martyrdom). Ul Haq’s entry was opposed by the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Hindu Dharam Mission and some other groups have sent a joint letter to Canadian Immigration Minister Solberg , requesting Ul Had be refused entry to Canada. The controversial Imam Riyadh Ul Haq spoke from London, England via live video at a conference held at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, after being debarred from entry to Canada. There is possibility that there would be more such live video conferences in Canada by Riyad ul Haq and some other imams. This Islamic cleric has made headlines for comments vilifying Jews and Hindus, among others, calling Hindus in particular the "chief idolaters." Islamist fanatics have used this type of reasoning to justify atrocities against Buddhists and Hindus through the ages. According to American historian William Durant, South Asia from 700 AD onwards suffered the worst genocide in history at the hands of Muslim invaders, with an estimated 80 million people slaughtered over seven centuries. This invasion was marked by the systematic destruction of an estimated 50,000 Hindu temples, as well as the enslavement and conversion of millions to Islam. Conquerors used Hadith scripture, where Mohammed is quoted as saying that Allah shall protect the conquerors of India, as justification. Clearly, unscrupulous usage of Koranic verses has been used to justify heinous acts. For example, Hindus use idols (as symbols) in worship; Islamic fanatics denounce this practice as "sinful idolatry" and use it to stir up hate. Since 1947, the Islamic state of Pakistan has steadily reduced its Buddhist and Hindu minorities from 15% to less than 1% of the population. U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy in 1971 described the genocide of Hindus by Pakistani troops in East Pakistan: An estimated 2.4 million were slaughtered in one year. Recently, Pakistan-backed Islamist terrorists in the Indian state of Kashmir have driven 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus into exile in refugee camps in other parts of India. This ethnic cleansing is being perpetrated by religious Islamic terrorist groups such as the LeT. These groups base their recruitment on Pakistani religious madrassas, where imams use scripture as a basis to stir anti-Hindu hate In Canada, news reports indicate that the 17 terrorist suspects arrested recently were allegedly using images of Hindu gods as target practice. In 1991, three members of the Pakistan-based group al-Fuqra were arrested while crossing from the U.S., allegedly planning to bomb Hindu temples in Toronto. Hindus have been the community hardest hit by terrorism in Canada to date. Most of the casualties in the Air India terrorist bombing were Hindu. This attack, the worst in Canada's history, resulted in part from the indifference of Canadian authorities towards hate-spewing extremists entering the country. The local Muslim community has asked for government funding to attempt to divert Canadian Muslim youth from the path of terrorism. It seems ironic that at the same time that this request is being made, Haq has been invited to address a youth conference hosted by the Islamic Foundation of Toronto. As Canadians, we ought to consider whether we should allow Haq, who appears to support the same venomous ideology against Hindus that has historically inspired numerous atrocities, to enter our country. This should be viewed in the context of the record of oppression and genocide against Hindus in South Asia, past terrorist outrages against Hindus in Canada, as well as the current danger to Canadian Hindus. India-US Solidarity Will Benefit India India is in an unprecedented crisis. Never before in the history of India, after Independence from the British, has there been such a danger to India’s very existence as a nation. During such a dangerous period in its History, India unfortunately has no national leadership. A National Dealership, symbolized by the corrupt Party Bosses of its National Parties, controls India’s Politics. As such there is neither a Pitamah (Father Figure) like Sardar Patel nor Apex Moral-Modern Group of Pathfinders, to plan, visualize, strategy, implement and monitor an Action-Plan for India. So the crisis is escalating with each passing day. Enemies of India within and outside are coordinating to weaken and destroy Hindus and India. India-America-Israel-Russia-Australia-Japan Strategic Alliance is the best for Mankind in its Global War against Islamic Terrorism. This Strategic Alliance will rapidly ensure India’s instant growth into a Maha Super Power. The overall chemistry of a genuine US-India Solidarity will transform India into an Economic-Military-Strategic Superpower. Lakhs of Indians will secure easy visas for sensitive jobs in US. The Volume of Trade in terms of exports to the US will increase ten times. India’s Industry, Manufacturing, Services, Agriculture, Food Processing and Scientists will have complete access to high technology, futuristic know-how and sophisticated laboratories in the US. Complex Satellite Gadgetry is now available to India to assist in Geology, Weather, Defense, Science Research & Development, Transportation, Communications and Intelligence Gathering. India will become the future-manufacturing hub for all US Companies. India needs a leadership that can combine the needs, challenges, human resources, economies and anti-terrorism expertise of both India and the US A into forging a solid Partnership. It's time to stand with Israel The Toronto conference of the United Church joined the Ontario division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in calling for economic sanctions against Israel and a boycott of the Jewish state to protest its policies in the Palestinian territories. Basically, both are calling on Canadians to choose sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Fair enough. Many people in the world would choose Israel, which cannot be expected to negotiate with a Palestinian government led by Hamas, a terrorist group whose founding charter calls not only for the destruction of Israel, but for the annihilation of the Jewish people. Further, many Canadians urge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to continue Canada's sensible policy of refusing to recognize Hamas and denying it foreign aid until it unequivocally recognizes Israel's right to exist and renounces terrorism. Like Harper, Canadians support the creation of an independent Palestinian state living in peace beside a secure Israel. But that has never been Hamas' goal. Hamas, according to its 1988 founding charter, envisions all of Israel as the new Palestinian state, either rid of all Jews or with only a handful allowed to remain, subject to hard line Islamic rule. In the last week of June 2006, Israeli military forces reoccupied Gaza, demanding the safe return of a 19-year-old soldier kidnapped by several terrorist groups, including the armed wing of Hamas. By reoccupying Gaza, which it withdrew from last year after dismantling numerous Israeli settlements, Israel is not "overreacting" to the abduction of one soldier. Compare Bharat and Israel. As compared to Israel, Bharat is an impotent state who allows Bharatiya soldiers killed by Pakistanis and Bangladesh terrorist Muslims without taking any retaliatory action. It is sending a message to Hamas -- in the only language it understands -- that it will not allow the Palestinian territories to be used as a staging ground for attacks against Israel. In response, Hamas has signed a deal with its main political rival in the Palestinian territories, the Fatah party led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, which Fatah insists means Hamas has tacitly recognized Israel's right to exist. But Hamas says the deal -- meant to entice the international community into funding the Hamas-led government -- means no such thing. In other words, Hamas will continue to attack not just Israeli military targets, but civilians through terrorist attacks, usually carried out by suicide bombers. As long as this is Hamas' position, it is Hamas, not Israel that should be boycotted by the civilized world. It is important to know what others are doing to hurt Hindus but it is even more important to know what Hindus plan to do. Unless we do something to counteract forces inimical to Hindus and Bharat, like Israel, it only makes we Hindus depressed. No one can stop us Hindus doing something to counteract to protect ourselves, just like no one can stop anti-Hindu forces from attacking us. Minorityism in Bharat Since when are colonialists called minorities? Are the whites of South Africa minorities? Why ex-colonists Muslims and Christians are minorities in Bharat? ------------------ 000000000