Date: 7/6/2006


NUDE PICTURES OF HINDU GODS ARE SOLD AT JAMA MASJID Source:- VISHWA SANGRAM A Fortnightly Hindi News Paper at New Delhi Editor:- SANDEEP KULKARNI Mo:- +91-9313008144 Reporter:- DEVENDRA SHARMA New Delhi Courtesy:- Dr. SANTOSH KUMAR RAI NATIONAL CHIEF:- HINDU RASHTRA SENA NATIONAL EXECUTIVE:- HINDU MAHASABHA Mo:- +91-9911324132 DEAR BANDHU, At Jama Masjid(DELHI-INDIA) Nude Pictures(Hand Made Paintings) of Hindu Gods are sold openly specialy on SUNDAY due to heavy tourist croud there.Foreign Tourist used to baught these Pictures worth Rs.200/- to Rs.500/- per pictures.Devendra Sharma(Delhi based Brave Reporter) make a FILM CD on it at JAMA MASJID who Bring this VCD-FILM at office of VISHWA SANGRAM(Fortnightly Hindi News Paper). In this VCD we have seen that inside Mosque lot of Nude Pictures of Hindu GODS which were hand made.As our reporter entered at JAMA MASJID then he knew about a MUSLIM LADY named SHAMINA BANO who sold these Pictures inside Mosque permisses.Mr.Sharma asked to SHAMINA BANO about pictures then she replied that she sold HANUMANJI,LORD RAM,LORD KRISHNA,LORD SHIVA,MATA PARVATI,GANESHA Etc from Rs. 200/- to Rs.500/- per picture.As asked about who made these pictures then she said few MUSLIM STUDENT's made these pictures at "ANGLO AREBIC SENIOR SECONARY SCHOOL" AJMERI GATE-Delhi.SHAMINA BANO having a Photo of MIRA-KRISNA(HALF NUDE),and another picture of Mata Laxmi(Half Nude too) and A nude Picture of Mata SITA with Hanuman Ji.All these pictures are made at abouve mentioned Muslim School at ajmeri Gate where we got few Nude Pictures of Hindu Gods at School Notice's Board.Inside the school there is a Hostel also where students made these paintings.And IMAM BUKHARI used to inspire students of this school to make thse type of Paintings.We see same pictures in this school as it was in JAMA MASJID of Delhi.These Picture mostly sold on SUNDAY only due to croud of Foreign Tourist and it is under IMAM BUKHARI of JAMA MASJID who is a Traitor and a agent of I.S.I...... Hindus should be awaken in the intrest of NATION and Hindutava. Save Bharat from these type of Traitor. Being I am Chief of "HINDU RASHTRA SENA" and i announce for demonstration on this issue on 12-07-2006 at JANTAR MANTAR- New Delhi at 11.00 AM... All Hindu Organisation's representative will also present there.We need your support on this issue. To get this VCD contact:- Dr Santosh Kumar Rai Mo:- +91-9911324132 E-mail:- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 000000000