Date: 7/7/2006


The whole of Britain is commemorating her tragedy today. /////////////// Please watch the media in the UK, concentrating on Britain's worst ever act of indiscriminate terror last year. ////////// Plaques will be put on exact spots in London, there are debates at schools and universities all over, editorials, commentaries and photos in newspapers, speeches, candles and mass at churches, and countless other ways in which Britain is recalling her Dark Day when she suffered her worst tragedy at the hands of MUSLIMS, the "home grown terrorists". ////////////// One is amazed to realise that although ONE THIRD of India vanished from the map on August 15, 1947, there is no commemoration of our biggest tragedy in history. ///////////////////////// In that year not just 52 people lost their lives but approximately TWO MILLION. ////////////// While NO ONE in Britain lost his house or shop, some 15 MILLION Hindus were uprooted from their ancestral homes and forced to flee for life. Girls were snatched from homes and even from endless foot convoys trekking along roads eastwards. Businesses, offices, schools, universities, farms and fields were looted or went up in smoke. //////////// When will the HINDUS be able to PUNISH their present anti Hindu RULERS for their high treason against India? They are not telling the truth. They are keeping the whole nation ignorant. Even the President of India, a MUSLIM himself, calls that horrendous day "Independence". ///////////// Is there not one prominent Hindu leader anywhere who would shout back, "What Independence did our LAHORE get?"//////////// Now please tune in to BBC World Service or watch BBC World television. There is a valuable lesson for the whole of BHARAT. /////////// All the Indians ought to bravely DEFY the DEVIL, and call 15 August the DAY OF MOURNING. //////////// There should be speeches, newspaper articles & editorials. There should be Pooja in mandirs and AkhandpaaThs in all gurdwaras across the world to remember our dead. The Hindus need to encourage the Sikhs, too, and remind them of their status in LAHORE (martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev), MULTAN (shrine of Bhagat Prahlad) and NANKANA SAHIB (birth place of Guru Nanak Dev). Like the mice facing the cat, we all have gone silent. ///////////// It's time to stand up valiantly for "AKHAND BHARAT" and send shivers down the spine of the ENEMY in our midst who took our lives, possessions and TERRITORY.//////////// All the INDIAN media, Radio, TV, newspapers and the native leaders ought to be condemned for their cowardice and treachery. /////////////// At the time of writing, BBC World Service is having a live discussion with the young people from London, Madrid and Delhi on the attacks in London last year. We congratulate the BBC for their initiative.//////////// KURU To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. ///////////// 000000000