Date: 7/13/2006


THERE IS NO TALK OF RAJIV GANDHI'S COMMISSIONS FROM BOFORS GUN COMPANY. THERE IS NO TALK OF "HANGING" HIM FOR INSTIGATING THE ANTI SIKH RIOTS AFTER HER MOTHER, THE POLITICAL WITCH OF PARTITIONED INDIA WAS DESPATCHED ON HALLOWEEN, 1984. BUT THERE IS NO LENIENCY FOR THIS 14 YEAR OLD TO SEE HER MOTHER IN PRISON. //////// GOD'S JUSTICE IS OFTEN TWISTED. WHILE IT IS RAJIV'S WIDOW SONIA KHAN WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL OR KICKED OUT TO ITALY, A NATIVE DAUGHTER OF SOIL IS MADE TO SUFFER. ////////////// FIRES WILL SOON ENGULF SUCH A ROTTEN COUNTRY LIKE INDIA STILL LICKING THE BOOTS OF DYNASTY INSTEAD OF GOING STRAIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY.//////////// ======================= //////////////// Gandhi killers taken to hospital //////////// Nalini's daughter has only seen her once since her imprisonment A couple convicted for killing former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi have been admitted to hospital in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. ///////////// The husband and wife have been on hunger strike since 26 June, because they want their 14-year-old daughter to be given a visa to enter India. //////////// She lives in Sri Lanka and has rarely been able to see her parents since they were imprisoned in 1992. //////////// Doctors in the town of Vellore say the couple's condition is stable. /////////////// The authorities say they have moved Nalini and Murugan to a government hospital as a precautionary measure. ///////////// Earlier, a leader of Tamil Nadu's MDMK party wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recommending that the visa be given to the teenager, who is being raised by her grandparents. //////////// Nalini and Murugan were sentenced to death but Nalini's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2000 while Murugan's mercy petition is pending before the Indian president. //////////////// Mr Gandhi was opposition leader at the time of his death in 1991, and had been campaigning in Tamil Nadu in the run-up to a general election. //////////// The attack has been blamed by India on a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber. The Tamil Tigers recently expressed "regret" for the killing. //////////////// Indian courts are still seeking Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran and rebel intelligence chief Pottu Amman in relation to the attack. /////////////// 000000000