Date: 7/24/2006


WIPE OUT HEZBOLLAH, HAMAS, HIZBUTAHRIR, JAISH-I-MOHAMMED, AL MOHAJAROON, LASHKAR-I-TOIBA, THE LOT ////////////////// Dear fellow HINDUS,////////// Can you see the ruined state of cities and countryside in LEBANON? This will be the fate of our own major cities in the near future for the crime of surrendering one third of India to Mohammed and then accepting the Muslims back in PARTITIONED India.//////////// Given large concentration of Muslims in any region, area or country, come about extremist splinter groups who plan and carry out bomb attacks and assassinations./////////// After the crime they can easily fade away or merge with the mainstream Muslim community./////////// The way out is to suggest to ALL Muslims with NO exception, to migrate to Pakistan or Bangladesh and leave behind a MUSLIM FREE zone where the natives can live in peace and prosper.////////// To call Sonia Maino "First Lady" of Hindustan tells the world that the Indians are sill at the intellectual level of crawling creepers, i.e., earthworms.///////////// Here is a letter that is proposed to be sent to Heads of State of ISRAEL and the UNITED STATES to finish off Hezbollah for good. //////////// INSTT OF HINDU IDEOLOGY July 24, 2006. ----------------------- //////////////////// Sir,/////////// We need to recall how the vicious Ideology of Nazis was put to a final end in 1945. It was brave leaders like Winston Churchill and Marshal Stalin who showed no mercy for the vicious enemy. ///////////// The war ended with millions of Germans fleeing like refugees seeking safety in all directions. Towns and cities lay in smoke and ruins, rail tracks, bridges and roads were destroyed across the whole land, all top leaders and generals killed, hanged to death or executed by firing squad till finally the bedraggled remnants of the smashed Nazi Government signed the UNCONDITIONAL surrender. ///////////// Indian Muslims, always up to perennial mischief and mayhem have gone on the rampage against their soft enemy, killing, plundering and raping the (native) Hindu population since 712 AD without ever meeting with a fateful fierce counter attack. ////////// Inspired by the fiery contents of Koran they did the same to "Infidel" India ("AKHAND BHARAT") in 1947 what they are doing to Israel now, indulging in threatening and bullying and carrying out large scale arson, murder and loot at the so-called Partition. /////////// They forced millions of innocent citizens out of their ancestral homes and gained an upper hand on the sub continent for ever. To tens of millions of Hindus betrayed by All-India Congress Party the marauding Muslims seemed beasts in human form. ///////// The massacres of Noakhali (August 1946), Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan (1947) sent fatal shock waves across India and demoralised the country into surrendering vast territories and conceding all, including the highest post of President and Supreme Commander today- 60 years on. ////////// Please ignore the voices of "caution, cowardice and treachery" but proceed relentlessly, resolved to inflict such a crushing defeat on Hezbollah that their leaders, too, sit down and sign unconditional surrender before the forces of sanity, civilisation and democracy. ////////// Lebanon's pain of today will be the gain of tomorrow. She needs to suffer, and atone, for harbouring Islam.//////// The repercussions will be seen far and wide including Chechnya, Beslan, South Philippines, Thailand and KASHMIR and prevent a deadly strike by Islamic nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv and Delhi eventually.//////// Free world must crush Islamic fundamentalism as the brave and resolute Allies crushed Nazi Germany during 1940's.///////// ================================================///////000000000