Date: 7/24/2006


FOR THIS LEVEL OF CORRUPTION IN A COUNTRY MANY OTHERS WOULD HAVE HANGED THE PRESIDENT AND SET FIRE TO THE SKIRT OF THEIR FIRST LADY.///////////// BUT IN THE DECOMPOSING BHARAT (PARTITIONED INDIA OR "MUTILATED HINDUSTAN") BOTH ABDUL KALAM AND SONIA KHAN ARE ASSURED OF WEALTH AND POWER AND AN A*SE LICKING HINDU NATION TILL THEIR DEATH. ///////////// READ THE FOLLOWING LETTER THAT SHOWS WHY EACH AND EVERY NRI (NON RESIDENT INDIAN) LEFT INDIA, "SPITTING" ON HER MUSLIM PRESIDENT AND "PI**ING ON ITS ITALIAN BORN FIRST LADY./////////// ===================== //////////////// Sir,///////// So called Indian becomes corrupt not only by choice but also by compulsions. //////////// For example, the prime positions and postings in government jobs are sold and purchased for the price depending on the collections of bribes under the particular Jurisdiction. //////////// I am also Indian lived for 47 years of my active life in Mumbai, worked as employee and subsequently started very successful small manufacturing business. I got my children educated and sent them to US for higher studies and subsequently closed the business, retired 13 years ago and migrated to US. //////////// My experience during my active life in India is that; "You can not even breath in India without corruption." ///////////// In my straight forward and legal small business with 5-7 employees; I had to deal with 37 government and semi government agencies, having to pay additional fixed fees and percentages before paying for licences, permits, fees, Income & sales taxes, excise duties etc; and get clearances and certificates to run my business. I had no choice, It was all compulsion. If I do not pay I can not survive.///////////// I survived in India for 47 years of my active life because, I surrender to corruption and I had no alternative. //////////// You rightly say that; "No body is born corrupt" A Indian is born in corrupt atmosphere and grows in corrupt environment. Even his Birth Certificate comes with corruption. ///////////// Corruption in India, is not only growing in a haphazard manner, but also growing in a systematic and methodical manner.. ///////////// 000000000