Date: 7/26/2006


Stop Shashi Tharoor's Bid for UN Secretary General/////// Copies also to President Bush, Secretary of State Rice, Ambassador Bolton, Prime Minister Blair, and Secretary General Kofi Annan /////// July 25, 2006/////// H.E. Mr. Jan Eliasson////// President of the General Assembly///// United Nations////// New York, NY 10017 ////// Dear President Eliasson:///// I am writing to express my concern about the candidacy of Shashi Tharoor of India for Secretary General. No Indian candidate should be Secretary General. His election would set a very bad precedent for the United Nations. ///////////// Although India claims to be “the world’s largest democracy,” it is no democracy for its minorities. It is a repressive state which violates the basic principles of the United Nations Charter while all the time proclaiming fealty to the principles of freedom and human rights. As U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has said, for minorities, “India might as well be Nazi Germany.” ///////////// India has sponsored cross-border terrorism in Sindh, according to the January 2, 2002 issue of the Washington Times. It created and supported the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which is identified as a terroist organization, and put up its leaders in the finest hotel in Delhi, according to India Today, India’s leading newsmagazine. A former Indian cabinet minster said that Pakistan should be made a part of India. ////////////// India is one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. It has murdered over a quarter of a million Sikhs, according to figures compiled by the Punjab State Magistracy and human-rights groups and published in the book The Politics of Genocide by Inderjit Singh Jaijee. According to the Movement Against State Repression (which should not be needed in a democratic country), India admitted to holding 52, 268 Sikhs as political prisoners under a law called TADA that was one of the most repressive in the world and which expired in 1995. These political prisoners are being held without charge or trial, some since 1984 when the Indian regime invaded the highest shrine of Sikhism, the Golden Temple. In that attack and the other attacks that day, over 20,000 Sikhs were murdered. The U.S. State Department reported in 1994 that the Indian government paid over 41,000 cash bounties to police officers for killing Sikhs.////////////// The Indian regime is holding tens of thousands of other minorities as political prisoners as well, according to Amnesty International. It has murdered more than 300,000 Christians in Nagaland, as well as tens of thousands of Christians around the country. It has allowed the murders of priests, the rapes of nuns, the burning of churches, and attacks on prayer halls and Christian schools with no consequences to those who carried out these acts. Missionary Graham Staines was burned to death in his jeep along with his two young sons by Hindu militants chanting “Victory to Hannuman,” a Hindu god. Except for one scapegoat, nobody has been punished for this crime. Indian states have passed laws prohibiting anyone from changing religions – unless, of course, they are changing to Hinduism Indian police broke up a Christian religious festival with gunfire./////////// India has murdered over 90,000 Kashmiri Muslims, as well as 2,000 to 5,000 Muslims in the massacres in Gujarat – a massacre that a policeman told the newspapers was pre-planned by the government. It has killed tens of thousands of Assamese, Bodos, Dalits (the dark-skinned “Untouchables”of South Asia, perhaps the most oppressed people in all the world), Manipuris, Tamils, and others. A Dalit constable went into a temple on a rainy day. He was stoned to death. A six-year-old Dalit girl was blinded after being hit across the eyes by her teacher for drinking from the common water pitcher. No action is ever taken against the people who perpetrate these atrocities. The oppressive caste system remains in place even though it was banned by India’s constitution in 1950. //////////// India has used its repression to stifle the legitimate aspirations of the peoples of South Asia. Currently there are 17 freedom movements within India’s artificial borders. India has stationed 700,000 troops in Kashmir and another 500,000 in Punjab to suppress the freedom movements there. is not a single country; it is a conglomerate of many nations thrown together by Britain for its administrative convenience, a vestige of the colonialist era. It has 18 official languages. In 1948, it promised to hold a free and fair plebiscite in Kashmir; almost 60 years later, it has not done so. Similarly, the Sikhs of Khalistan seek to exercise their right to self-determination and sovereignty through peaceful, democratic, nonviolent means, by means of a free and fair plebiscite, the democratic way. India has refused. The situation is similar in Nagalim and the other nations seeking their freedom from Indian rule. But an Indian official was quoted a few years ago as saying that anyone living in India must either be a Hindu or be subservient to Hinduism. ////////////// In short, India in no way upholds the principles of the United Nations, yet it seeks to hold the highest and most prestigious office in the UN. If the UN allows Mr. Tharoor to achieve this office, it will be turning its back on all that it stands for publicly. It will be a very dark day for the United Nations and its ideals.///////////// I urge you to oppose Mr. Tharoor’s candidacy and to do what you can to prevent his election as Secretary General. The minority nations of South Asia seek their freedom. Allowing Mr. Tharoor to achieve the office of Secretary General will be a setback to that cause. /////////// Thank you for your attention.///// / Sincerely,/////////// Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh///// President////////// Council of Khalistan///////000000000 *****0000000