MASTER TARA SINGH, meant to be forgotten. Why?

Date: 7/27/2006


The followiong letter is a kind of blessing by our very very senior author hon'ble Noel KinG. I remember having read his forward on Sangat's Book where in he has accepted that in the present age i.e after 1990 AD the Sikhs are lying low but will rise again like a phoenix does. He says it is a character of Sikh nation. ////////////////// My Dear Doctor Sahib,////////////// Thank you for your copy re:Master Tara Singh. He was got in the train at Amritsar and traveled with me to Lahore. I found him highly intelligent and very friendly and he joked much about my desire to go to Ireland and have a Wolfhound, which came true when I got to Watsonville so many years later. It is said that he charmed the bicrene into Ward Radcliffe to redraw the border including Sri Amritsar of the Indian side. ////////////// I have just got home from Dominican Hospital and have been away for about 3 weeks. Mr. Harrington, he was with me at your son's glorious wedding and is again is rendering much help to. If the bhai of U of Texas passes by, please bring him to see me. Please visit me also if you get a chance. I look forward to seeing the latest draft of Miri-Piri whenever it is ready. It will raise much controversy but I am sure its fundamental premises are correct. //////////////// With love, Noel/////////// --- "Tarlochan S. Nahal" <> wrote: > /////////////// > > Dear Dr. Parvez Khan,//////////// > > Master Tara Singh was a very complex person that > cannot be defined in a few paragraphs. He had both > strengths and weaknesses. His major folly was his > trust of the Hindu leaders and his relationship with > S. Baldev Singh, a rich politician who provided > financial support to Master Tara Singh. He could not > ask for a Sikh state because his factory and other > businesses were mostly outside Punjab. His trust of > the Hindus might have been based on the fact that he > was born in a Hindu family and was the first Sikh in > his family. He certainly lacked deep political > thinking of Hindu and Muslim leaders such as Nehru, > Gandhi, Patel and Jinnah. > ////////////// > He came to know of folly almost right after > independence when he was arrested at Nerela, near > Delhi and a circular was sent by Home Minister > Patel, Goveronor of Punjab Chandu Lal, and PM Nehru > decalring Sikhs as 'zaraim pesha" or "criminals" > right after independence. S. Kapur Singh, a Sikh g > ICS officer (Deputy Commissioner) refused to > implement it and was subsequently dismissed. > ///////////// > Master Tara Singh did save many areas of Indian > Punjab that could have gone to Pakistan. He along > with S. Baldev Singh and S Swaran Singh sent a > telegram to the British government in London and > pleaded their case. I have seen the original > telegram in the British Libarary in London. As I > have mentioned earlier, he paid a very steep > personal price. Almost 45-50 members of his family > were killed by the Pakistanis (especially Muslim > League) during partition. He took extremely tough > stand on certain matters. The Sikhs were the only > people who were against the partition of India. Both > Muslims and Hindus wanted India divided. There was > certainly a demand for Sikh State that was raised by > some Sikhs but only as a counterblast to Muslim > demand for Pakistan. Three English books on the > deamand for Sikh State or Khalistan were published > in 1946. The decision of Sikh leadership to join > India was also influenced by the fact that thousands > of Sikhs were killed by the Muslims in March 1947 in > different parts of Pakistan in communal violence. > ////////////// > Regards,///////// > > Dr. Tarlochan Singh//////////// > > > > > > > Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 1:06 PM > Subject: Re: [Kartarpur] Muslim Sikh Bhai Bhai - > Master Tara Singh > > /////////// > > > > > > > Master Tara Singh & Fascist Gandhi > //////////// > > > > > > Master Tara Singh = Sikh or Evil Hindu ??? > > > //////////// > > > > Thanks Nahal sahib for mentioning these books. I > will order both in due course of time which would > help me greatly in knowing as to how the Sikhs > missed their Khalistan in 1947. > /////////// > > We have a discussion going on with our Sikh > brothers who are a part of our two organizations, > "Muslim Bahujan Sikh Unity" and "Muslim Sikh Bhai > Bhai" about the circumstances surrounding Master > Tara Singh. > //////////// > > My personal viewpoint is that Tara Singh was > deceived by Fascist Mahatma Gandhi into putting his > political weight with Congress. In return, Fascist > Gandhi "promised" Tara Singh that the Sikhs will be > given a limited autonomy within India, where they > will have their own prime minster and they can run > their own affairs without anybody's interference. > But Fascist Gandhi was an evil hindu liar and a very > very very wicked man and he did not honour his > promise. Tara Singh realized this within a few > months, but by then it was too late and he had > missed the boat which would have lead the Sikh > nation to their great republic of KHALISTAN. > //////////// > > Our Sikh brothers in Switzerland tell us that Tara > Singh was an evil Hindu who had infiltrated into the > Sikh political party and had become the leader of > the Sikh nation. He only looked after the interests > of his fellow hindus in 1947 and not those of the > sikhs because he was a Hindu and not a sikh. Our > sikh brothers also tell us that these Evil Hindus > have penetrated into all sikh organizations in > Punjab and everywherelse, where they all pretend to > be Sikhs, but in reality, they are Hindus and are > committed anti Sikhs. > > /////////////// > What is your viewpoint ?? > > > /////////// > > > > > > Dr. Parvez Khan > Ph.D --- Mechanical Engineering > A very very very proud Pakistani, > Switzerland > > ///////////////// > > > > > > > > "Tarlochan S. Nahal" <> wrote: > There are couple of books available on the life > of Master Tara Singh.////////////// > > 1. Meri Yadd -(Biography of Master Tara Singh) - > Master Tara Singh > (published by SGPC)/////////// > 2. Master Tara Singh - Virinder Grover////// > 3. Jiwni Master Tara Singh (or similar title) - > Niranjan Singh (brother of > Master Tara Singh)////////// > > There is a quite a bit of information available > on Master Tara Singh in > various other books. > /////////////// > Master Tara Singh did have the potential to do > something for the Panth, but > he made several mistakes and did not act when > there was time to act. It was > before partition. He did act, but it was too > late. We cannot blame just one > master Tara Singh for the miseries. The entire > Sikh Nation is to blame for > not acting and demanding Sikh rule the way the > Muslims did. Master Tara > Singh lost almost 45 or more members of his > family at the hands of the > Muslims during partition. So he also paid a very > very hefty price. He > trusted the Hindu leaders to do justice to the > Sikhs, but he got a raw deal. > He tasted the first fruit of freedom soon after > the partition when he was > arrested at Narela railway station near Delhi by > the Hindu govt. It is often > said about him that he tore down the flag of > Muslim league which he never > did. He was quite emotional, but intelligent > person. He was for joining > India the way Balkans did with Russia with an > option to secede if things do > not work out. However, that plan did not work. > Sardar Kapur Singh chided and > ridiculed him for such a thought which according > to === message truncated ===///////////000000000