Date: 7/27/2006


Very good question, WHAT ABOUT THE JIHADIS IN BHARAT? (Subject line above)./////////// Could the world at large not know how India pursues the terrorists and killers relentlessly till they are brought to Delhi in shackles and then either put under the gallows or executed by firing squad in full public view?///////// Is the world not entitled to know the state of progress of Indian security forces apprehending those who exploded seven bombs on trains in Mumbai on Jul 11 last and go on killing the innocent with impunity in South Kashmir? ////////// How is that the Indian masses just swallow the DEAD and forget the KILLERS within days? We even forgot the disappearance of one third of India within one day in 1947. Are we going to commemorate that tragedy on August 15 next?////////// Israel is pursuing the Jehadis deep into the sovereign country called LEBANON that supports and harbours them. How far have the Indian Armed Forces pursued the killers into Pakistan? Today one expected Partitioned India to send at least ONE ARMOURED BRIGADE to support the Israeli troops engaged in combat on ground. Is the Indian MANHOOD only to adore their First Lady from Italy and admire every KHAN on cinema screen?////////// Can we blame the world if they regard the Israeli soldiers as WARRIORS but the Indian soldiers, specialising in cease fires, as "EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM," being led or misled by Supreme Commander Abdul?////////// No wonder when India gets into trouble, especially in Partitioned Kashmir, the world looks the other way.///////////// 000000000