Date: 8/9/2006


Culture is supposed to be the real identity of Punjab, and music is an integral part of Punjabi culture. We are not talking about the Punjabi songs with noise in the name of music these days. We are talking about the real Punjabi flavor of folk music like Puadhi Akharas, Kavishri, Dhadi, Malvai Gidha and unforgettable Tumbi. //////////// Past those days when sound of Tumbi and Iktara present clear picture of Punjab in one's mind. Now Punjabi music has just beats and no rhythm. But there is a place in Punjab where a music lover can find even that piece of old music which is beyond his knowledge and imagination. This place is Sant Sucha Singh Archives of Music by Department of Gurmat Sangeet at Punjabi University Patiala. //////////// In this archive all the rare forms of music and performances of great personalities in the field of music are available in the form of CD's. If somebody wants to learn any of the instruments whose teacher is unavailable can learn with the help of CD purchased from here. The Archives has been established with the purpose to preserve the original music of Punjab. //////////// Recently two vocalist brothers from Pakistan, Ustad Badar-uz-Zaman and Ustad Qamar-uz-Zaman contributed to this archive with the recording of their performance of Shastri Sangeet in its pure form. Similarly Bhai Lal, direct descendant to Bhai Mardana, from Pakistan came here for recording of Rababi Kirtan which is no more in India now. These personalities were specifically called upon to India for the purpose to record the music in the original form and to preserve it forever. In fact Bhai Lal got so impressed with this effort that first time in his life he taught students about how to do Rababi Kirtan along with holding its sanctity. //////////// In the year 2004 this archive released five CDs containing folk forms of music recorded from the villages of Punjab. The Archive has discovered many such disappeared artistes from various parts of Punjab and adjoining states. In these five CD's folk music has been presented in the form of documentaries with the assistance of many other departments of varsity related to the field of theatre and culture. //////////// Among these five CDs one is being entitled as 'Punjabi Folk Lore Heritage', in this CD the traditional styles of music viz; Kavishri, Dhadis, Tumbi singers, Folk-instruments, Malvai Gidha, Puadhi Akharas etc have been documented in their original spirits. /////////// The second CD is titled as 'Puadhi Akhara'; in this CD the eloping Puadhi tradition of music has been shown. Th8s recording depicts how the famous old classical stories were presented. //////////// The third CD is named as 'Traditional Punjabi Folk Music' in which an attempt has been made to depict how the artistes with various instruments presented Heer, Mirja and other types of Sammi. Traditional art of Des Raj Lachkani, Jagat Ram Lalka, Baba Kashi Nath etc have beautifully been portrayed in this CD. /////////// The fourth CD of the series is ' Rababi Bhai Ghulam Mohammed Chand'. In this CD the famous Rababi Bhai Ghulam Mohammed Chand who presented a traditional Rababi Kirtan darbar at Punjabi Varsity in his own style has been recorded to be preserved in the Archive in 2004. ////////// The fourth CD has been prepared on the 'Inside Fort'. It has its own historical value. This documentation has been also presented in book shape. /////////// The original folk forms of music have been recorded from the villages of Punjab during nights when some old people join together at Chopal and play such music for entertainment and remind great old artistes of golden era. Sant Sucha Singh Archives of Music is the only destination for folk music lovers, which has great treasure of music hidden in its lap. //////////// 000000000