Date: 8/15/2006


"PANCH SHEEL" of BANDIT/////////// Date: AUGUST/15/2006./////////// PANCH SHEEL of PANDIT NEHRU /////////// For history’s most humiliating unconditional surrender, i.e., the PARTITION of India, one cannot hold an average Hindu responsible, since the diabolical deed was mutually agreed upon among a handful of despicable traitors and cowards, whom we regarded as our leaders in 1947. Most genetically reduced, inferior and clueless Hindu “ducks” still do. //////////////// “TRUTH IS BITTER”, and that Truth is about to EXPLODE on our heads violently, since it cannot be suppressed any more. Bigger the suppression (of Truth), MIGHTIER (and more devastating) THE EXPLOSION. /////////// Here is how one Hindu saw it in those days. (He has since been silenced). //////////////// “I saw my fellow-countrymen (the majority community) run like rabbits, disgracing themselves and their offspring till eternity. Placing their faith in MK (“mahatma”) Gandhi who turned out to be a secret admirer of Mohammed and Musalman, and the treacherous Pandit (Nehru), in whose house Hinduism was to end, they “pi**d” on Gita, ignored the deeds of Shivaji and Netaji, forgot their superior numbers, and dumped their principles and country at once. This is what happened in 1947, the year of so-called independence. /////////// In that year the Indian leaders like the Mahatma, the Pandit and the Sardar, all fell prostrate in dust before the Muslims, and offered to meet every demand the (“maader-kush”) JINN (Mohammed Ali Jinnah) was to dictate, in toto, and agreed to implement the same immediately. //////////// Those demands made by the INDIAN Muslims, threatening an all-out bloody civil war unless they were met in full, are called the “Original Panchsheel”. They were - /////////// 1. “We shall cut off the chunk of territory where we happen to be 51 % or more. In area it will be more than France, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, all put together. /////////// “From Khyber the frontier will come down to Amritsar so that we could get Delhi any time you squeak in protest, when your eyes open “ ////////// “We accept. Spare us!” was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India. /////////// 2. “We shall beat the hell out of minorities, abuse and intimidate them, and keep them scared to death in our parts. We shall drive out millions of you infidels and shall do so in the middle of the 20th century with the whole world looking on.” /////////// “We accept. Spare us!” was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India. /////////// 3. “We shall stay put in the rest of India, too, and dare you to touch us. You will give amnesty to all our friends in your parts who are now shouting “Pakistan Zindabad!” at the top of their voices. You will not charge them of high treason nor condemn your own Mahatmas, Pandits, Sarvapallis, and Sardars who are willingly signing off all that rich and fertile territory in our favour. Instead, you will install their statues in town and city centres, and call one, “Father of Nation,” the other “Uncle of the World,” and his daughter “Indira is India!”, and name every road, garden, park, club, canal, tournament, school, museum, hospital, laboratory, library, airport, circus, band, celebration and festival after one or the other of them. ////////// You will frame a constitution that will ensure our safety and well-being in your Bharat although we in our Pakistan will base our Constitution on the KORAN, written in Arabic, to classify YOU, the filthy lot, suitably. //////////// We will divide the citizens into “believers” and “non-believers” in order to deal with the latter on a separate footing as you will see. We will go Islamic but you will renounce your own native religions, and go secular. You dare copy us! We will have ideology and you will have the vacuum.” ////////// “We accept. Spare us!” was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India. /////////// 4. “You will form your foreign policy not to squeak a word against our global interests. Thus you will cry out, protest and weep openly on the Partition of Palestine, and confer your highest awards and honorary degrees on PLO chief Yasser Arafat, admiring him immensely, but will not utter a single word against the dismemberment of your own country nor about the fate of the tens of millions of your fellow countrymen chased out of West Pakistan and decimated in East Pakistan, and orphaned, widowed, raped and maimed by the Mohammedans everywhere.” /////////// “We accept. Spare us!” was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India. ////////// 5. “We shall send our shepherds and goatherds to occupy North Kashmir, and you will stay put where they “cease fire”. You dare advance one millimetre! As a concession you may call them “wild tribesmen” which can hurt nobody.” //////////// “WE ACCEPT. WE ACCEPT. SPARE US! SPARE US!” was the chorus of the HINDU leaders under the Tricolour flags throughout India, deafeningly loud, much louder than before- many who had held their breath, now started breathing again realizing that the “PANCH SHEEL” had come to an end. /////////// ================ //////////// (Every Hindu, nay, every Indian, should REFUSE to accept that BOGUS PARTITION.) /////////////// ============= PS: ////////////// To the earlier posting, “Muslim Hunter, Hindu duck”, please add the following: - //////////////// The HINDUS know how the Afghans treat them, and what they will do to an Italian if she entered even a peon’s house in a slum in Kabul. Yet as soon as Sonia Maino arrived from Italy, a jubilant HNDU nation hailed her as the new shining sun in their sky. Many an INDIAN editor, journalist and cabinet minister hoped that she would rise like a star and become the Prime Minister of India to lead the nation out of its HINDU darkness. Amazing but true. /////////////// The Indians know how the British would have welcomed their Prime Minister home had he returned after surrendering Gibraltar to the Spaniards, Falklands to the Argentinians or Jersey Island to the French. Yet the Indians hailed Pandit Nehru as a great hero after he surrendered FIVE provinces, some as large as France, to the enemy. Even a university in New Delhi bears the traitor’s filthy name whose degrees are regarded “prestigious”! Amazing but true. ///////////// The whole world knows how the Muslims (in Partitioned India!) will treat a Hindu who marries a Muslim girl, and what they did to the cinemas where a film with a Hindu actor falling in love with a Musalmaani was being shown. (burnt down with the viewers inside!). Yet any Khan boasting of a Hindu, even a Sikh, bride, is looked at with admiration as a good hunter in Hindusthan. Amazing but true. ///////// Every Hindu knows how the entire ruling establishment, and all the schools, colleges, universities and “madrassas” in Pakistan describe a Hindu. Yet the Hindus in India have a very high regard for the Muslims and seat them at a level HIGHER. Amazing but true. ////////// The Hindus, all of them, know of the glory of the sovereign state of Vatican and of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Yet the whole crushed “nigger” race is reconciled to keeping their own Grand Temple in Ayodhya as a ruin. They think they need permission of the Pope and a friendly nod from Mecca. Amazing but true. //////////// The Indians, all the Indians, know that Partition was an attack by bullies and that they were tricked into accepting the flag of ISLAM over Lahore while asked to live and DIE under a secular flag over Delhi. Yet they love their tricolour mongrel flag in Delhi which they “spit” on in Lahore and Dhaka. Amazing but true. ////////// The Hindus know that when Indira KHAN, aka Gandhi, returned EAST Bengal to ISLAM after its capture in 1972, it was an act of High Treason. That territory was meant to return to WEST Bengal and come under the same secular flag that flies over Indira Gandhi’s own Red Fort and the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Instead, she let them off and wished them well! Not one Sikh organisation or body noticed that treachery, which returned EAST Bengal to sovereignty while keeping EAST Punjab as the coolie colony of Congress Party and Nehru Dynasty. The sleepy Sikhs got it truly in their necks 12 years later (destruction of Sri Akal Takht Sahib in June 1984), just as WEST Bengal is getting the ideologically charged and highly motivated MUSLIM illegal immigrants, many ISI agents and future suicide bombers as Mujahideen among them, from BOGUSdesh. Amazing but true. //////////// Every Hindu knows that the master statesmen British involved the whole world in their war against Hitler. Soldiers came from NWFP, Tamil Nadu, New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Fiji to take on the German might. Yet today while Macedonia and India are dealing with the same ENEMY (Muslim “Nazis”), the two cannot come together to respond. Surely they will BOTH perish in the end- separately, in due course of time. Amazing but true. /////////// There are countless more points on which the Indians are CRIMINALS by own choice, and condemned to death and SLAVERY once again. /////////// Watch the Indians die like flies in South Kashmir. Their tomorrow will be even worse than their yesterday (world record in slavery!). ///////////// ----------------------------- //////////// In the State Museum in Dresden, Germany, there is a rare picture postcard. It depicts the Imperial Court of Emperor Aurangzeb of Hindustan. The painting seems to have been done by a travelling German artist in the first decade of 18th century. Here is the most suitable caption one could give it: ////////// Imperial Court of Mogul (MOHAMMEDAN) Emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi, India. ////////// HINDU maharajas, princes, slaves and inferior vassals feel “honoured” to offer tributes of gold, diamonds, silver and jewels, each trying to outdo the other! //////////// (Painting seen in State Museum in Dresden, Germany) //////////// =============== /////////// GLORY OF ISLAM, Degradation of HINDUS ///////////// RISE OF ARABIA, Fall of HINDUSTHAN //////////////// VICTORY OF ISLAM, Defeat of HINDUS ////////////// MUSLIMS LIVE IN POMP & LUXURY- Hindus forced into starvation, dependence and reduced into begging. ///////////// RISE OF URDU, PERSIAN & ARABIC: Decline of Sanskrit & Hindi. ////////// MUSLIMS HAPPY KILLING KAFIRS: HINDUS offering martyrs: ////////////// ========================= /////////////// The FUTURE of the Hindus is their PAST. They have renounced warrior Gobind and gone after coward Gandhi.) /////////////000000000