RADICAL ISLAM. Letter to the Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, UK

Date: 8/16/2006


WHEN MUSLIMS WISH TO INFLUENCE AND DETERMINE THE FOREIGN POLICY OF AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY.//////////// LETTER TO lEADER OF OPPOSITION, HM GOVERNMENT, THE UNITED KINGDOM. ///////////// Dear David, ///////////// Re. British Foreign Policy. ///////////// I would like to comment on the letter to the Prime Minster by prominent Muslims who claim that the British foreign policy is responsible for radicalizing Muslim youth. Firstly, we should never allow any group no matter how radical to influence the foreign policy or any other policies of a sovereign nation. If we do, then where will it end? ////////////// Secondly, why were there bomb blasts in Bali, Tanzania, Kenya, Madrid, Cyprus, India etc? How can a tiny holiday resort of Bali, part of a Muslim country have a foreign policy which can attract such wrath? Terrorists in any shape or form are not freedom fighters. They are in fact destroyers of our freedom and would like to impose their ideology on others and if they donít accept it then they stand to be blown up. //////////// Egypt, a Muslim country faces financial difficulties because of the action of a few Muslims. The tourist industry is suffering with dire consequence to ordinary Muslims who need employment. This just shows that terrorists will go to any lengths to force people into submission and this is all because of uneducated Mullahs who interpret the Koran with their limited education and knowledge of the present world. As a rule they are uneducated and hail from remote parts of the Islamic world unable to comprehend the modern progressive world. They fail to realize that the world is now a global village and is shrinking very fast. People of all faiths live and work side by side and we cannot turn the clock back. The interpretation of religion must be done according to the modern and progressive world in which we live today. //////////// The world is telling us to progress with the help of education, science and technology whereas the Mullahs are telling us that we should concentrate on religion in order to reach the so called paradise. They are helping to create a youth with a split personality. They are living in this world and dreaming of the next. ///////////// Most of the Mullahs are imported from theocratic states. We all know if a country is based on religion then it must put religion above everything else if it is to maintain the status quo. As a result education, science and technology must take a back seat and religion must always come first. These states use religion instead of the rule of law to control their citizens. Mullahs will always interpret religion in the manner in which it makes them influential and powerful. /////////// We must ensure all those coming to teach religion to our youth are educated and also understand other faiths and cultures as well if they are to shape the character of our next generation to achieve community cohesion for us all. We all know Britain cannot progress until every section of the population does so side by side. We must endeavour to take forward Muslim Britons along with other faiths. The Government cannot change the thinking of people alone no matter how many laws it passes. The only way we can deal with this phenomenon is to get respected community leaders and moderate Muslims involved in communicating with young Muslims. At present our youth is being influenced by those who neither have the intelligence nor the common sense to understand the repercussions of their interpretation of religion to every one in the world.//////////// ============== 000000000