Date: 8/17/2006


Muslims and Air Travel //////////////// For thousands of years Air travel had been a human dream until the Wright brothers created history with their first powered flight in 1904. Today, aviation remains one of the most impressive and the most outstanding human inventions. The progress that was made in air travel since then is something we deserve to be proud of. In future, history will acknowledge the contributions made by the Americans, Europeans, Russians and other nations to this outstanding human achievement. History will also record the only contribution made by Muslims to aviation, which is to crash the planes and kill their passengers. //////////// Muslims happen to be the only group to perfect this art of crashing commercial planes to kill innocent, helpless civilians. Their list of achievements includes: //////////// · In 1967 they introduced to the world professional hijacking; a Palestinian group hijacked an Israeli Boeing 707 to Algeria. ///////////// · In 1970 they introduced multiple plane hijacking when they hijacked, then exploded four commercial planes in a Jordanian desert. ///// · In the 1980s they perfected the art of planting explosives in electronic devices such as cassette players. They successfully exploded a jumbo jet over Scotland killing hundreds of civilians. //////////// · In September 2001 humanity witnessed with disbelief how a group of dedicated Muslims hijacked four commercial planes and crashed them into buildings killing thousands of innocent civilians. · In 2006 they introduced the use of liquid explosives /////////// As the world continues improving in aeroplane designs to give us even better, more reliable and safer aeroplanes, Muslims work in the other direction and continue their own destructive innovation—to add to their dark record in aviation. To maximise the carnage their last innovation was to use liquid explosives to blow up several aeroplanes over American cities. /////////// The last week’s foiled attempt is an intelligence success that saved thousands of lives. On this occasion the terrorists failed to score any kills, but with hundreds of flights delayed or cancelled and thousands of passengers stranded and hundreds of extra staff brought in to the airports it is not difficult to realise the magnitude of the blow the terrorists delivered to the economy, globally. Western airlines may even suffer more setbacks in the future as passengers may choose to travel with Islamic airlines because they are less likely to be targeted. /////////// The suspected Muslim terrorists are all British-born, just like those who perpetrated the 7/7 attack last year. Some of them are recent converts to Islam, which speaks volumes about the nature of Islam./////////// 000000000