Date: 8/20/2006


Here is a manifestation of India's abject, pathetic, dismal weakness in its ability to stick it to the Pakis for their Kashmir machinations. Nobody in India will dare question this so called 'intellectual', A.G.Noornai genuflecting and kissing Musharaff's backside, eulogizing every word that he pukes, and even addressing him as 'Sir'. And this reverence shown to a Jihadi, mass murdering terrorist who has been responsible for the deaths of so many Indians. With "Indians" like Noorani, so overtly worshipping India's terrorist nemesis, does it need any enemies?//////////// http://flonnet.com/stories/20060825004300400.htm///////////// Anybody with half an ounce of brains and knowledge of Paki perfidy visa vi Kashmir knows that all these bogus proposals that Mush is puking out doesn't alter one immutable fact: Paki neurotic desire to annex the valley. We all know Pakis have tried all kinds of tactics, from outright war to terror. Now Mush is trying through diplomatic chicanery and chameleon-like charm, through his closet Indian mouthpieces like Noorani, to achieve the same objective through 'peace talks'. /////////////// His 'joint management game plan is very simple. Get the Indian army out of Kashmir valley. Through 'joint management' mechanism, the valley will be flooded with Pakis, from gun-toting jack-booted Paki army thugs, to LeT/Jaish terrorists, to ISI. And with the valley Islamic fascists firmly in his pocket, with Hindus completely driven out, and pro-India Muslims silenced by slitting their throats should they open their mouths, what role if any will India have in the 'joint management' subterfuge that Mush is proposing? Sad part is that western racists, and Indian dorks and traitors like Noornai will portray this is 'concessions' and 'statesmanship' on the part of Mush, and India as the intransigent party.////////////////// And who know whose side the SardarJi (Servant Manmohan Singh), (Mohammedan) Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM, and his (Italian born Catholic) Madam Sonia, are on? ///////////// Is it good bye Kashmir for India?/////////////// 000000000